Wednesday, October 22, 2008


I am so damn tired.

I have lost contact with the world wide web and my blog.

Class starts at 9 am, ended approximately at 5pm.

To follow with some sessions at the library, and of course the labwork.. before, in between and after classes / clinics.


not to forget to read and summarize the READING LISTS!! (endless of prostho journals...) huhu

so, I am officially a dental student! (again!!)...

and... its nearly winter, night begins as early as 6pm..meaning that I'll be home by nightime..


and after just 3weeks of class, I am looking forward for the Xmas holidays!!!

Friday, October 3, 2008

homeless? not anymore!

After 2 weeks of being homeless in London, finally we officially got our own house! We went to the house agent's office in West India Quay to sign the agreement. We arrived there quite early, so sempat la jalan2 amik gambar. View dia cantik gak, opis tuh sebelah Marriott London, pastuh kat depan tu lak ada anak sungai Thames. Zaman dulu2 ada steamship kat sungai nih.. (agent tu la yg cakap).

signboard kat depan opis agent.

view kat depan opis agent/marriott london. nih sbnrnya anak Sungai Thames.

anak Sungai Thames

After signing the agreement, we went straight to Barking / the house. At the house, we were introduced to another agent for the inventory check-up. The inventory inspection went out smoothly as the agent is very very professional in doing her job (she is an agent specialised in doing inventory!). She even can notice the tiniest scratches on the table and up to the smallest stain on the mattress!! - which reminds us to be extra careful with the house and furnishings! Even the instruction booklets on how to operate the electrical goods are kept in 1 special box, and it is in the inventory checklist!! (dalam duk kalut2 tgk dia wat inventory check up, sampai lupa nak snap gambar!)

tengah habiskan masa sementara nak tunggu appoinment sign agreement ngan agent..

We will move in this afternoon, booked a mini cab at 12noon. Will update later with more house pics!