Saturday, January 31, 2009

"What's inside my handbag?"

~ Tagged by Miss Alya

1. Find a safe quiet place free of significant other, noisy makers, priests, nuns, all things religious and men in general.

~ my living room- safe, peaceful and quiet, while hubby was sleeping..

2. Take a photo of your handbag and the contents

actually this is my school bag... dah lama tak pakai handbag2 nih, sbb nyer dah lama tak kuar..

selagi boleh ku sumbat, segala macam benda ada! hehehe
~typical female-student-handbag!

3. Dump the contents of your handbag in a pile.

jengg... jengg...jengg....

told ya, segala macam mak nenek sumer ada... just name it!
*tetiba terkagum gak, byk gak brg rupanyer!!!patot ler berat!! hahaha

4. Be brave and explain to your fellow bloggers what lurks inside the handbag.

keys and student card..
the one with 'pink selipar jepun' keychain ~kunci locker&lab.
the one with MCKK keychain~kunci umah..

the basic needs during winter:
vaseline~ for my chapped lips...
handcream ~kalau lepas buat kerja lab, tgn confirm dry sgt..
a pair of gloves ~ which I hate to wear! rarely use them..
my green M&S umbrella... *sediakan payung seblom ujan...

my pocket notebook..
use this especially kat klinik,sumbat jer dlm whitecoat!

lecture notes~ belum sempat masuk file lagi daaa.. hehehe
buku ~ pinjam dr library, Guide to Occlusal Waxing..
*sekarang nih tgh pening kepala dengan "Wax-up course"!!

my diary/academic planner
~kalau hilang nih boleh nangis gak ler.. sumer benda berkait ngan patients ada dalam ni.. appointment dates, treatment plan, patients' contact numbers, etc,etc...

5. What’s the most important thing in your handbag?

My Blackberry, purse and Oyster card (prepaid travel card)
memang takleh survive London kalau takde 3 benda nih...

6.What’s the most embarrassing thing in your handbag?

rasanya 2 benda nih~ the so-called "my lunch"..
my nearly-expired-lunch! been in my bag since........ages!
(can't even remember when I bought them!)
~MARS tuh dah 'penyek'2, and I doubt choc drink tuh buleh minum lagi ke idak nyer.. hehehe

7. What’s the smallest thing in your handbag?

vaseline and pendrive kot?
~apart from habuk2 yg dah lama tak dibersihkan.. :)

8. Is there anything illegal in your handbag?
NOPE!! ~unless if u consider lecture notes and books are illegal!!*wink*
I am just a normal, dry student... struggling with my studies...erkk..

9. Tag others who might want to embarrass themselves:

~so now, its your turn, guys..

#naza ~ the shophaholic (musti byk bags kan... )
#miss mean~ the lab queen
(errr.. any bugs inside ur bag?? :P)

#miss izza~the psychologist
(is it true that bag is the reflection of our personality,behaviour and emotions? just curious..) :P

Tuesday, January 20, 2009


Tetiba rasa terpanggil nak post something tentang 2 isu nih..

1. babi di surau UM

2. Mugabe di Malaysia
(buat sesapa yg tak kenal sapa Mugabe tuh, sila klik sini)
yang paling 'best', dia punya bisnes advisor tuh is a Malay doctor!

apa nak jadi nih??
I am totally speechless!!!!!

The course

Our course is getting busier and tougher..
had enough reading of 50 articles on tooth surface loss,
and 15 articles on composite restorations
(and thats only for this week's seminar~had more reading lists for next week!)
and haven't started any revision for the final exam
not to forget the assignment to submit by the end of this month
(which I barely start!)
and the labwork (which is never ending..)
and also the wax up course
(which needs patience, patience, patience and more patience!)


we are looking forward for;
the 4-day-Easter break in April
1 month-summer break at the end of year 1..

its an 'interesting' course, kan? :)
~so bila masa nak g jalan ni?? hehehehe

Friday, January 16, 2009

the show

Despite being extremely busy this week, we went berpoya-poya yesterday.
habis jer klinik kul 5pm, terus chow ke Oxford Circus to watch this show:

The famous London theater : THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!

7.30pm, at the Palladium Theater, Argyll St.
there were 6 of us; Lini (penganjur), K.Imah, Syida, Alia, Me & Hubby.

for just GBP10 (got the special fare, thanks to Lini), it is worth every single penny!
~ dapat duk dalam 10 rows jer dr stage..

and all I could say is:
and; Highly recommended!!

and on the way back, near the tube station, we watched another show by a man, with his own version of 'sound of music'!!

creative busker; created his own drums dgn bahan2 terbuang!~habis diangkutnya periuk2 belanga, baldi2, tong2 sampah utk dibuat drum!
and the sound effects: not bad at all!!!
hasilnya: ~siap ada mat saleh menari2 lagik!hehe dan pulangannya 'lumayan' sekali! :-)

the 3-stoogers yg confirm akan g tgk lagi show2 lain in future...
amacam geng, ada 'berani'? :P
Mamma Mia or Lion King, maybe?!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

the end

Nearly the end of our 3 weeks break..
We are quite busy for the last few days:
~most of the time we went shopping (thanks to the still ongoing sale), cleaning the house, reading novels, endless time spent on watching tv and surfing the internet and cooking, and trying new recipes!

Just realised that:
I haven't prepared anything for my monday and tuesday seminars yet!
haven't booked the patients yet!
haven't finished doing my labwork!
and haven't started doing anything for my essay writing !!!

~ seems like I'm gonna have a hectic week next week!!!

...I think I love the idea of being a housewife... ngehehehe

Saturday, January 3, 2009


Agak buhsan duk umah, so harini aku kuar jenjalan kat area2 Barking nih. Kuar sorg2 jer sbb actually nyer niat di hati nak beli ayam ngan sayur jer.. tp sebab nak membuang masa, saja2 la try2 masuk ke charity shops kat sini.. byk gak la, ada dlm 5 buah kedai antaranya ;British Heart Foundation, British Red Cross, Sense (charity shop kutip derma utk org2 deaf/blind), PDSA (charity shop utk binatang2 yg terbiar pun ada!) dan beberapa lagi la..(dah lupa nama!)

Banyak gak barang, dari baju2, buku, toys, dvd/vcd, board games, leap frog, sampai la furniture pon ada! bagus btol nilai2 murni org sini! hehehe

so lepas dah tgk2 tuh, ni la dia hasil tangkapan nya.....


I bought Cecilia Ahern- If U Could See Me Now ngan Dorothy Koomson- The Cupid Effect for just GBP 2.50 (dlm RM15 jer!!!). Yang paling puas hati sebab buku2 tuh still in very good condition! siap dapat free bookmark lagi..hehehe buku2 Sophie Kinsella pon ada, dlm 70p - GBP1 jer sebijik! punyala aku beli Remember Me? kat Kinokuniya sampai RM70!! uisk...rugi2...

Sebenarnya memang dah plan nak beli buku2 nih sejak kat KL lagi, tapi tak terbeli sebab bizi ngan preparation nak dtg sini, urusan famili, pindah umah, study, etc...etc..actually dah lama diskas dan plan nak beli dengan member2 USIM.. dah lama tengok2 kat Popular Tesco Ampang sampai la ke Kinokuniya KLCC kitorg pusing 'mencari' buku2 nih... (alasan nak jenjalan jer sebenarnya tuh??!hehe)

so buat Nalisha, Min and Izza~ JANGAN JELES ek... I save lots of MONEY by buying these books here!! disamping dapat nolong org buta/bisu~cheewah!! muahahhaha (gelak jahat!) :-P

dan buat JPA~ please be proud of me: I used the book allowances wisely! :-)

Thursday, January 1, 2009

This is what I called home!

Winter blues:
We miss our Cheras home!!!

Moved to Bandar Tun Hussein Onn on 26th Dec 2006.
Love the house very much! It is just 30mins drive from my office in Pandan and hubby's office in Cyberjaya.. and just 1km away from Jusco Cheras Selatan..have been a regular customer of the TGV Cheras Selatan since 2007!

We miss our cosy living room.

We miss our books!

I miss my IKEA kitchen cabinet and my Fagor cooking appliances..

We miss our vcd/dvd collection...
and the comfy sofa on the 1st floor of the house!

Hopefully everything is still in good condition...
can't wait to be back home again..