Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Kota Bharu, Kelantan

I am now in Kota Bharu, Kelantan since Saturday for a couple of weeks. 
 balik yg tak dirancang, utk visit in laws' family.

ada org ckp best sbb study obersi- takyah masuk kerja eventho dah balik mesia+ dah abis exam.. tp best ke kalo time2 family bereavement, u felt so hopeless and u missed everything since mmg takleh nk balik? hmmm... hnya org2 yg study obersi+dah pernah alami je yg tahu... i've went through the toughest 2 months of my life: family bereavement+exams. but im lucky to have great frens in london. ask them, how i was during those trying period..i was terrible! i was not eating/sleeping well and have lost a few kilos! :p anyhow i was considered lucky since i've managed to get through my exams quite well, alhamdulillah. but sadly 1 of my colleague failed! :(
(i'm not complaining, but just explaining. hehe :P )

okeh, cam terlebih emo lak. hehehe apapon, most prolly tak sempat nk masuk KL pon kalini, nnti akan terus balik ke london terus dr KB. nak masuk bandar KB/balik KT pon tak sempat2 lg ni..balik kejap je pon, urusan kat london pon tak setel satu hape pon lagi ni.. takpe, nnti2 balik sept-oct kita masuk KL puas2! hehehe :)

Thursday, July 7, 2011

The longest day of my life.

Today is the longest day of my life,ever!

Started the day at 5am. too nervous to sleep till morning (slept at 1am lastnight)..
Did some revision. but none went to my brain. Panic attack. Called hubby jz to calm myself down.

At 8am, called my patient. jz to remind bout her appointment for my exams. (I was so worried, since the patient totally forgot about the appointment when I called her yesterday..) Went out at 8.15am. Brought along 7 books to be returned to the library. Arrived at the library at 9am. returned the books. then went straight to the lab, to get myself ready for the viva. Luckily the patient turned up early, she was already at the waiting area by 9.30am. alhamdulillah.

Started my jaw registration exam at 10am. The patient was so innocent, she asked me (loudly) whether I'm nervous for the exams or not - in front of the examiners!! :p gave her some chocs as a token of appreciation, she refused since she was on diet, but I insist.. :) they gave us 30minutes to do the jaw registration, then followed by 15minutes of viva. :(

after 45minutes of break, at 11.30am I went for another exam-denture design. they expect us to survey the casts and design the denture within 30minutes.. followed by 15minutes of viva! :(

a quick chicken burger lunch at nearby fave restaurant. everybody was so tensed, we hardly spoke to each other, even during lunch!! :(

at 1.45pm, started my case presentation viva/case defense. It went smoothly, a few hiccups here and there but not as bad as i think it would be. managed to relax throughout the 45minutes viva session. love my coordinator, he helped me a lot!! :)

after 1 hour break, went for the final part- the unseen case at 3.50pm (the exam was delayed by 20mins since the patient arrived late). need to clerk a new patient, assess the radiographs and mounted study casts, diagnose and outline the treatment plan, all within half an hour. I was the last person for this exam, and the patient was too tired to speak,and cant wait to get over and done with me.. he even mumbled sumthing about going home and have a shot of whiskey or something for tonite.. hehehe had 30minutes of viva for the unseen case. a really tough one! :(

Finished with all the exams at 4.50pm. :) loitering and chit-chatting wif frens in the lab (as usual). :p

with the technicians. they are really nice people (very skillful and efficient too!). owed them a lot!

wif suhayla. today maybe the last time am seeing her.. :((

at 5.30pm, went to the 5th floor waiting area, jz to pass the time while waiting for the results.

the nervous us!! while waiting for the results.

and finally at 6.30pm, I've got my results!!

..and I owed them (and my family), a lot!!
MClinDent Prost (Lond) and MProst RCSEd. 
alhamdulillah!alhamdulillah! alhamdulillah!! 
after 3yrs of hard work!! (and more than a million ringgit of taxpayers' money!) :p
..too bad my husband was not around to celebrate wif me!

 on my way home, bought 2pcs of KFC. but too tired to eat. end up typing this entry at 10.15pm, with just chicken burger in my stomach since morning.  :p
need to sleep early, I've got another looonggg day tomorrow!

Saturday, July 2, 2011


just lost my beloved MIL today.
and I'm due for my finals on Thurs!! :(

p/s: am so proud of my husband. *hugs*