Sunday, October 23, 2011

The end of journey

Tetibe harini tergerak pintu hati nk upload and update blog selepas nearly 6weeks hibernate.. actually we have reached the end of our UK journey, dah smpai mesia exactly sebulan yg lepas. actually kitorg belum betul2 settledown lagi nih.. still banyak benda takde lagi.. most of baju2 still duduk dlm kotak lagi, kereta pon still guna kereta pinjam-duk tunggu dapat keta baru yg ntah bila akan sampai, umah pon still duduk celah2 kotak dan habuk.. astro dah pasang last week, internet lak baru je pasang a few days ago, tp laptop dah kong since dr london, tp tak sempat2 nk g baiki pon lagi..  penat giler, sbb semua benda nk kena start dr zero.. unfortunately dah start kerja balik- dapat cuti 1week je pon (tu pon byk issue gak),which was barely enuff. balik Tganu pon tak sempat lagi nih.. life is so hectic and tiring. :((

apapon, mari layan my final photos..

 My last moment in Barking. 20th Sept 2011, 3.00pm.

we checked out at 3.30pm. seriously sedih giler nk tinggal umah tuh.. we spent 3years of our marriage in that house,kira umah yg plg lama kitorg duduk sejak kawen.. :(   masa nk checkout tuh, we barely spoke to each other esp during the last 1hour before checkout! semua pakat duk layan perasaan jer.. hehehe

 Then kitorg g mengacau tumpang umah wani for 2 nights. thanks so much dear sbb bg kitorg tumpang bermalam.. Eju came to visit and collect some of my crockeries.. we had a blast chatting and gossiping during my last get together in london, 21st Sept 2011,7pm.

the last place that we went in London was the Imperial War museum, which was surprisingly interesting! kagum tak? :p hehehe

and we left London with 1 big luggage, 1 medium luggage, 2 handluggages and 2 backpacks (and a few handbags.. opps!!hehe)
After a few hiccups at Heathrow, we finally arrived our homeland on the 23rd Sept at 5pm-even little Aidan was excited to be home! rombongan pulang beramai2 geng2 queen mary and eastman-kings, i was lucky sbb  kapalterbang dipandu oleh my fren's dad-kalo tak kompom dah kena bayar excess luggage ribu riban!! (kiut jer bila tengok pilot duk main kejar2 cucu, kat dlm flight! hahaha)

Got a few more unpublished stories- our trip to Pisa and Rome and our final days in London. but I think I won't update anymore. 

That's all about it, I think.
and thanks for reading my blog. 

-The end-