Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Impulsive buy

I  just realised that
I am not only a shopaholic, but also an impulsive buyer!

of late ni, banyaaak pulak buat impulsive buy..
dari bling-bling, my chenta-hati, cosmetics hinggalah ke travel..

dan paling latest, weekend (Sunday) bebaru nih!!!
but kalini super impulsive.
and it was a super huge mega buy!

and now i am officially broke!
no more bags/luxury items and less (luxury) travel for the next few years for sure.
but i am happy. and relieved.
and even confused.
how did we decide to buy something major in less than 1 week?
rezeki kot.. dan ilham dari Yang Esa.. hehehe

anyway we consider this as THE anniversary gift. 
looking forward for the many years to come! :p

Alhamdulillah atas rezkiNya.

semoga semuanya dipermudahkan.

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

between the sea and the sky..

We were (and still are) in need of a good holiday. sometimes we barely see each other at home.. the workloads are piling. traffic jams utk ke opis makin hari makin teruk.. my other commitment is also demanding,kerja hari sabtu-ahad is normal, and I always end up with no weekends at all!! kadangtu kesian kat my other half.. $___$ my other half's work shifts is not helping either.. dah lama plan nak berholiday, tp komitmen banyak. end up terperap kat Cheras/KL malls saja..

so last week, on Thursday hubby called asking me to book a hotel. on Thursday, the destination was still undecided. google punya google, last2 on Friday noon, we decided nk buat road trip to Penang!! busy punya pasal, finally booked a hotel in Penang at 2300hrs Friday night. hubby was still in the office till 12.30am, and we were leaving the next morning!! gila tak?tersangat last minit punya plan! :p

Since yours truly yg tukang book hotel, sudah semustinya book hotel ikut citarasa tuan empunya blog kan. hubby said book je apa2 hotel to my likings. price tag belakang kira. yg penting selesa, lgpun dah lama tak berholiday.. hubby sudah buat silap besar disitu. muahahahaha :p

the. hotel. was. absolutely. fantastic.

the lagoon-style pool was hugeeee!! 

the ambience was relaxing! 

quite a low density hotel. unlike the other hotels in Feringghi.


as if we were in an island!

ofkos it comes wif private beach!! :p

the beach is very clean. syiok pagi2 berkaki ayam di tepian pantai dgn the other half. a totally different world from kl!

dan semestinya it comes wif complimentary buffet breakfast! kat hotelni mostly tourists, yg bermuka locals/melayu ada 2famili je kot... hehehe masa bfast siap bg explanation cara nk makan roti canai lagi kat sorg minah US ni, saja tolong since tukang tebar roti canai kat sini tak brapa pandai nak explain (in english).

owh dan yg paling penting, we had a veryyyy good nite sleep last weekend!! the room was so comfortable! i wished that I owned that room!

the huge bed and sofa.

small writing table and dressing table. tv attached to the wall, wif dvd player in the cabinet.

tingkap 2 bijik tu takleh main sebarang intai. nanti naik ketumbit! hahaha :p 

bathroom siap ada audio sistem yg interconnected to tv. senang cerita, boleh nonton tv dan control volume tv masa tgh attend to nature's call! :p

the stationeries. even torchlight pun diorg provided, in case nk pegi pantai malam2.. 

we had a relaxing weekend, for sure!
memang berbaloi2 tambah pulak sebab that was our first trip to Penang together. my last trip was when I was 10years old (masa tu my famili buat trip to Penang sbb nk tgk jambatan pulau pinang baru bukak!), and hubby's last trip was more than 10 years ago (when he was in Uni)!!

Anyway, thanks Golden Sands Resort for the wonderful weekend! 
and ofkos special thanks to mr.hubby!! :) so next month nk pegi mana for our anni-day celebration?? :p

p.s:  terjakun kejap sbb tak pernah sampai Feringghi! terkejut tengok feringghi yg sangat happening! dah macam ala2 Kuta beach (in Bali) pulak. and the hillside houses, dah macam ala2 dekat Piraeus Athens!