Tuesday, September 4, 2012

A new journey??

Have had THE news today at work.
Malas nk citer panjang, tp dipendekkan citer.. 
Agak frust dgn the current employer.. 
Ok, its not new, tp frustration yg lama makin menjadi parah.
Not that i really need it, tapi semuanya menggambarkan pendirian sebenar diorg..

Kalau dgn benda sekecikni nak dijadikan penyebab, 
then okay..

I dont see myself fit in the organization anymore.
well at least in the future.

Why should i work hard when the organization doesnot even bother to work hard protecting their employees? Memalukan. Period.

So shall i take that new journey now or later?
May Allah show me the path and grant me the strength. Amen!

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eynda said...

Solat Istikharah :-)