Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Checklist cuti sekolah

Just 1 more week before the new term starts.
So far I have done these:

1. makan, tido and tried new recipe..
homemade tandoori chicken - thanks to hubby.

2. Tour London.
Spent nearly 1 whole week to tour London with Sella.

29 Dec 2008: London Eye
our bad luck day??!! we were stucked in Jubilee tube for more than 1 hour just to get to the London Eye, and missed our 12pm flight. After negotiating, they allowed us to use the ticket, but we have to QUEUE!

so ni haa Q dia,melingkar2 dah kalah keretapi! ramai giler orang.. dekat 2jam gak la berdiri dalam sejuk nak tunggu turn naik.. dahla time tuh suhu dekat -3C!! sejuk giloss!! tp sebab dah bayar, terpaksala Q gak.. and by the time dapat naik, mood pun dah kureng! huhu

the highest point on the largest ferris wheel.

we then walked in front of the famous Big Ben.
sian Sella, kesejukan sampai terketar2 tangan nak snap gambo aku nih! seb baik kamera ada antivibration!hehe (FYI: I used my fave LUMIX, malas nak angkut DSLR!) on the way back home, singgah Trafalgar jap, Sella jer yg berposing, dah tak larat sbb tgn dah beku! takper, byk masa lagi.. haha

3. shopping during Boxing day (?)
ermm... haven't done much shopping during the boxing day sale..just temankan Sella to Oxford Street & Harrods. memang 'berboxing' betul la dgn crowd! sampai pening sebab ramai sgt manusia! rasanya adala dlm 10kali ganda org kat Pasar Ramadhan Jalan TAR kot??!!!! ermm.. and I end up tak beli apa2.. so far sepanjang boxing day sale nih ,just beli school's stuff: baju sekolah 2-3 helai ngan printer..seb baik dah wat pre-boxing day sopping kat Bicester arituh! hehe tp kalau rajin maybe g lagi next week lepas smua org dah stat keje, kali ni g ngan hubby lak.. =) ~and they said there are further reductions lagi skang nih?? ermm... best2.. :)

Tower Bridge

4. merapatkan silaturrahim..
28 Dec : gi umah Yana kat Brockley
(dapatla makan laksa terengganu semangkuk dua!siap tapau lagi!hehe)
30 dec: lepak2 kat umah intan kat Hendon
(sejuk gilos kat North London compared to East!!!seb baikla duk East!hehe)

jumpa mayat nih kat London Bridge, on the way nak g umah yana...

so, I've done most of my cuti checklist..
just tinggal the last part of it which is: S.T.U.D.Y!!!!!

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Yummylicious roasted chicken!

Our humble menu today:

Roasted chicken with cranberry sauce

Thanks to hubby for the delicious roasted chicken!

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life of a student penganggur..

Morning; after subuh had our breakfast.
Menu: roti canai and kari ayam.
Yummy paratha.. not much difference from malaysian roti canai. Very2 cheap, just 10p each!

At 9am, took a district line tube from Barking, change to Bakerloo line at Embankment towards Marylebone station. At 1030am, we were on the train to Bicester North.

View from the Chiltern railway train.
The journey by train from Marylebone is about 45mins.

Arrived at Bicester shopping Village at 1145 am.
(Its a factory outlet shopping village)
Met with several Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian families.
Most of the visitors were from Asia.
(mostly Chinese speaking people)

lunch at Carluccio's at 330pm.Had an Italian lunch.

At the shopping village with all of our 'hasil tangkapan'.
On the way back home at 5pm.
Arrived home at 730pm.
We were exhausted, physically and mentally!
Crazy Christmas sale that makes us crazy!hehehehe

Sunday, December 21, 2008

Its all about friends....(and food!)

We organised a lunch makan2 yesterday.
He said this would be the '95ers Koleq get together' party.
(for extra info; 95ers =batch of 95 MCKK who are in London)

~but for me: its more of a house warming party!

1. ....of course the 95ers and family!
Faiz, Ida & little Fuadi
Ashraf, Intan & cute Akilah
Mr Kamarul - the oncologist

2. the QMUL postgraduate Malaysian girls.

Wan, Budi & Dilla : 3 out of 4 Malaysian girls.

Wan, Ida & Fuadi, Dilla and Hikmah.

Akilah, Intan's + Ashraf 's legs
(sorry guys, lupa nak snap gambar korg bertiga!)

Marwan, Faiz, Kam Zaki, Fuadi and Azman (Dilla's hubby)
3 out of 5 are old boys.. (and 1 will be in MCKK in 10 years' time??)

Eating, chit chatting, playing with the kids, watch tv,
..and PS3 session!hehehe

the main activity: Eating & chit-chatting.

After few days of planning and thinking of suitable dishes, easy to cook and EDIBLE, so these were the menu:

1. Gulai kawah (authentic Kelantan dish)
2. Asam pedas ikan salmon
3. Sayur goreng dengan daging

4. Roasted chicken drumsticks and wings - review : Superbly delicious!!!
(hubby's cooking!)

5. Dessert: Keropok ikan from Terengganu, strawberry and toffee cheesecake (from ASDA), oranges, some raya cookies (thanks to Kamarul) and superb kek gula hangus (thanks to Ida & tabik spring to her: she is really an expert in baking- superb cake and knows how to make a good bingka ubi as well!!!)
6. bottomless Coke, orange juice and hot drinks.

the so called 'lunch party' ended at 9++pm..
thanks so much for coming, guys!!

Enjoyable day, successfully done..
successfully prepared EDIBLE breakfast/lunch/dinner for the guests..
Rave review from the guests! Marvellous!

we decided to have another party soon! :D
~just wait for the invitation to our barbeque party next spring/summer! *wink!*

Thursday, December 18, 2008

...and now my hols begin!...

Fuh!! our last task was seminar on adhesives this morning (it is one of the most complicated subject to understand in restorative dentistry).. luckily the 5 of us managed to get thru it succesfully! (Kalli-our Greek coursemate flew back home last nite).. its a semi-party concept (potluck party+seminar! best gak, discuss2 sambil makan2,minum2.. kalau kena tnya soalan yg susah2 tenung jer food atas meja,terus dapat jawab!takpun buat2 bizi makan, takyahla jawab terus! hahaha)

So officially, tomorrow is our last day of the Autumn term..

Esok nyer patient cancelled the unofficially aku dah start cuti harinih! bagus tol.. cam paham2 jer kitorg dah takde mood nak wat klinik!hehehe (tp esok still kena g ngadap prof- explain naper takder patient, etc...etc..buat muka kesian je la, hopefully dia tak bisinglar esok!)

Hohoho...BESTNYER!! dah start cuti!!!

Things to do during the hols:
1. tido...makan...tido lagi..and makan lagi.. try new recipe, maybe?
2. tv...
3. internet.. (will upload more photos and update blog more frequent!)
4. Rehatkan minda, relaxkan badan... (nih cuti yg paling panjang kitorg dapat, lepas nih ada cuti 4 hari jer utk Easter.. lepas tuh YILLEKK!! NOTHING!! TAKDOK!! TIADA CUTI!! sampaila habis first year yakni summer next year!!!)
5. pusing keliling London habis-habisan dengan Sella (shes coming from edinburgh for 1 week).. ~thinking of taking the Hop On-Hop Off Big Bus tour (a tourist bus tour in London)
6. SHOPPING...especially on boxing day. I've got endless of shopping lists..haha
7. get out of London. contemplating on going to Edinburgh??(ikut Sella balik-tp sana sejuk sgt skang ni!rasa cam takleh survive jer winter kat sana) or Manchester ?? (ada org nak g Old Trafford!) or sewa keta and gi tour bandar2 sekitar London?? (teringin nak g Bath tgk Stonehedge gak!) or lake district?? (tp berbaloi ker g musim winter nih??)
8. Finish up Cooper's assignment! (need to do 4-pages of essay on amalgam vs composite!!!)
9. update my seminar notes.
10. preparing for final exam
11. preparing for Part 1 MFDS
12. read more journals and prostho books! ;)
13. preparing for next term seminar!!dah ada seminar on the 1st day of next term, at 9am!!and we have been given a list of journals to read as xmas gifts! kijamm!!! memang tak bagi peluang lansung! huhuhu

and we have been given only 3 weeks of holiday..

any suggestions on how to manage my cuti????

Friday, December 12, 2008

He is now 3!

Tribute to this little kid:

Name: Abbas Muzaffar
Location : Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Fave transport: BUS!
(eventhough he spent not more than 30mins in a bus in his life!hehe)

Fave series: Geng Bas Sekolah & The Kampung Boy of Astro Ceria.
(can spent hours watching the series!)

Fave Movies: Cicakman and Ultraman Dyna or is it Ultraman Tiga?
(I've lost count of how many Ultramans are there now!!)

Fave spot: Couch in front of the tv;
laying on the couch topless, and in diapers, head resting on the arm rest,Conquering the whole couch!with his milk bottle, of course!

Idol : Abang Mat (of GBS series) & Mat the Kampung Boy
Fave sports: Rugby??
(he can do the All Black's haka- coached by his Ayah Su!)

Fave uncle: Ayah Ngah
(who is now in London - always ask the uncle to buy him toys esp BUSES! even now he ordered busses to be delivered from London!!hehe)

Fave aunty: Hahaha..the owner of this blog,of course!
( she is the only aunty from his mom's family!)

with his fave aunty!hahahaha..

Muzaffar is now 3 years old...

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

One Cold Day.

30th November 2008. 1pm.
Potters Field Park, Tower Bridge

His passion: Rugby. All Blacks. and New Zealand.
(dah nama lagi passion kan, sejuk2 pun terpaksa g gak la!)

tgh queue nak masuk perut bola. mmg ramai sangat manusia!

Actually this was their tourism promotion.
Memang berkesan la, sebabnya lepas kuar dari perut bola tuh, terus rasa cam nak g new zealand jer setahun dua lagi..hehehe Memang creative giler! Awesome promotion!(agak2 bila la tourism Malaysia boleh smpai tahap diorgni, ni asyik2 menyanyi jer..iklan kat tv sini pun guna model mat salleh tgh shopping kat suria klcc!tak kreatif lansung!! )

kuar jer dr bola tuh, dlm sejuk2 'terjumpa' naza n family. actually mmg dah pakat nak g hari yg sama, tp takde la pakat nk la namanya jodoh!
sebab sejuk sangat, pastu hubby lak lupa nak bawak gloves terpaksala terus patah balik ke tube station. next destination: makan!! (biasala, Malaysians kalau dah jumpa member sekampung, musti ada adegan makan2 nih..tak lengkap la kalau tak makan! hehehe)

time amik gambar ni, dkt tube station london bridge, hubby2 sekalian dah lama masuk station,depa jalan laju giler!sejuk punya pasal, sampai lupa anak bini, heh!! :D

kitorg makan-makan kat Al-Maedah grill..turkish restaurant.. best,sebab tak terasa sangat rempah arab, tersohor gak la kalau kat east london nih (selain dari nasik beriyani tayyab). dalam duk bizi borak2,jejak kasih, flashback zaman kat MC (tak habis2 la diorg nih!!), study nama food and pilih food (byk sgt choice+nama yg tak familiar), g masjid, kesejukan, kelaparan.. so bila dah dpt food, terus ngap jer!lansung lupa amik gambar... apedaaa.... so sempat posing kat depan kedai jer, tu pun sementara nak tunggu hubby naza unfold kan stroller!
(takper, anytime boleh gi lagi..~ biasanya postgrad QMUL melayu yg berempat ni slalu makan2 besar lunchtime jumaat! ~bila la nak stat diet nih!!uisk..)

balik dr maedah grill, terus balik barking. naza pun join balik barking, so officially naza+family adalah org/family ke-3 yang datang umah!! (first: tint&family, second:hubby's cousin from KL) malam tu lepas hantar naza and family ke tube station, terus collapse..tidoq!!!


I'm so sorry Mr Taylor! Haven't had time to read the journals, I was too busy during the weekend! hehehe

Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Our first Aidiladha celebration, Malaysian style:

1. Lots of Malaysian food on the dining table.
(good food is an added advantage!)

2. A must-have raya delicacy- Malaysian rendang.
(limited edition- habis licin!!)

3. Friends coming over to celebrate
(and to enjoy the food! hehe).

4. Hours of kids running around the house happily...

5. ...and hours of adults chit-chatting, eating, laughing, eating, chit-chatting and eating again.. (followed by photography sessions at the end of the day!)

Wish that we have more eid than twice a year.. hahaha!
Thanks guys, for coming over and celebrate with us! :D

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Eid-ul Adha

Esok hari raya haji/qurban/aidiladha/eid.
Tak terasa nak beraya pon actuallynyer, tp sbb supervisor dah bg cuti (kitorg mintak cuti,kunun nak beraya, tp sbnrnya depa2 nih saja jer nk rest kat umah+ada yg plan nak bershopping hehehe). so memandangkan dah coti tuh, terpaksa masak gak la esok pagi..

So just nak wish member opismate/kawan2/kaum keluarga/sapa2 yg menjengah blog nih.. Selamat Hari Raya Haji.

~kat sesapa yg diperantauan tuh, selamat ke kelas lar di pagi raya..dgr2 dah ada yg plan nak pakai baju kurung/kebaya gi kelas esok..kesiannnn... kesiannn.... jgn jeles ngan kitorg aa.. :P

~belek2 gambar lama, gmbar ni amik masa kat Laguna Redang Mac lepas.. sejuk2 nih tetiba terasa nak bercanda di tepi pantai laks.. hahaha

Saturday, December 6, 2008

His Passion.

Its Christmas sale everywhere.
Its his PASSION.
Its an Aidiladha present for a diehard fan of console games and PC games!
Its my second console game present for him (after PS2 in 2004).


~hope you won't be bored at home after this, dear! :)

Wednesday, December 3, 2008


They said we must learn to cook to survive living overseas. Kalau tak pandai pun, sure before balik akan tau masak.. (hopefully? hehehe) so here we are, just learn how to cook... :D

our first taste of nasi lemak, after MH0002 (my product)

to eat with spaghetti carbonara. just learn from Gordon Ramsay. hehe (delicious..hubby's cooking)

the spaghetti carbonara ( hubby's cooking, i just ate! :D)

my version of soto. (my product)

spaghetti - hubby's version.

~I am still looking for the recipe on how to make a kuih bingka ubi.. ( still can't believe that someone in London can really make a perfect bingka ubi!!) ;)
~Kudos my bujang friend who can't even do his laundry in KL, but after just 1 month in Newcastle, he managed to make karipap and chicken rice!

Monday, December 1, 2008


Orang putih cakap : Pictures worth thousands of words..

Pintu Darurat.. so doctors; be prepared for your darurat cases
(emergency cases?)

Raja Ekzos?? (agaknya la..)

Actually ni signage kedai makan.. tp tatau la sedap ke idak nyer food situ..yang pastinya "hidup mesti sedap"!

"Timbel Dago" tuh maksudnya kedai makan nasi timbel, kat Jalan Dago.

"Makan Lebih Nendeng dengan Coca Cola"

aerobridge.. guess what?iklan rokok daaa!

and... how about this??

Please be gentle with our lift button..
How gentle must we be? with buttons??? (~found this somewhere in London!!)

weird kan?