Thursday, August 28, 2008

spread the lurve

received this award from kak kin. tima kasih daun keladi.lainkali tag la lagi... :)

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

farewell party

We had our farewell party today.. the party was meant for 6+1 of us : 4 are going to the UK and 1 is going to HK next month and another 1 is already in Sydney (she went to Sydney last the party was organised without her...iza tgk gambo udah la yer... hehhehe). as for iza: our menu today was : nasi beriani, udang goreng ngan daun kari, dalca kambing, ayam masak merah, fruits and puding karamel (naza's ).

the party was self-sponsored (dgn muka tak malunyer pakat2 sponsor sdr hehehehe). as for our superior- he said that this is not a 'farewell' for us, it is just going to be a three year transition period / investment period for the faculty.. uisk... what a big responsibility! terharu btoi la..
(actually, 2 of us are in Australia for masters/and phd degree and another 4 of us are in local universities for their masters and specialists degree..)

they posed for the camera, but one hamba Allah nih jeles lak..sori la naza, ur face was covered by his hand! mmg nak kena la mamat nih!!! isk...isk...
(actually this was the second pose-the 1st pose was disturbed by our Iraqi cum NZ citizen..huhu)

four of us are going to the UK...

ermmm... maybe we will have our second round of farewell hi tea party this friday....
(biasala, bina badan bersama usim... hehhehe)

hopefully by the next 5 years, everybody will come back with their masters/phd degree to help the superior developing the faculty... ameen... GOODLUCK EVERYBODY!
(balik esok2 kita wat projek makan2/jalan2 lagi aaa...I have had a grrreatt time with all of u guys!!will definitely miss our honeymoon time ...)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kota bharu

We went back to his home town last weekend. We made the effort of going back via kl-kuala kangsar-gerik-kota bharu route. Eventhough it costs us 2hours of extra journey and an extra RM 30-PLUS hiway tolls, but for him everythings seemed to be worth the effort:

1. because we get the chance of travelling a new route home.

2. he said "its a 'double home town' route"-- he claimed that his hometowns are actually Kuala Kangsar and Kota Bharu...(please note that: his priority is KK!)..mostly because he spent 5 of his precious teenage years in Koleq (what a waste! u've wasted extra chance of befriending extra women in yourlife, dear!hehehehe) -- ermm.. even until now I cant understand the spirit tough!speret koleq??

3. as for me, it was a relaxing journey.. (at least for the first half of the journey I didnt have to bother driving-- he is more than willing to drive, at least up to KK. so far, he will never, ever feel bored and tired throughout KL-KK journey!most of the time he would repeatedly tell me his old days in that school, and sing the school anthem (...ggrrr.. no wonder I can memorise their school anthem by heart!...its a very bad influence on me!!)

4. we had barbeque dinner at home!

playful little muzaffar with his version of 'peace' sign..

5. we went to several delicious restaurants in KB.

floating restaurant in KB.. (poor pic, I should use my dslr for extra flash)

6. got the chance of meeting the kids.. (will probably miss them soon!)

talkative and chubby marissa.. (with the mother)

I wonder when will the next time I'll be going back home.. srot...srot...

Monday, August 18, 2008


Exactly 1 month before leaving usim.. this morning, my superior called me to his room. giving his so-called-not-so-last-amanat.. ( I've got the instinct that he'll give me more of his 'advices' later)...

1. be back as soon as possible ( mana dia tau aku plan nak stay back aaa??)
2. be focus.. (on your studies)... ---> mcm dia tau2 jer aku plan nak g jalan2... hehehhe
3. settle all of my work in usim as soon as possible ...
(tp naper skang ni pun still ada lagi lambakan kerja2 baru?kalo camnih,sampai bila pun tak siap)
4. hand over kerja kat 'org baru' as soon as possible ...
(sapa org baru tuh??mantan senior kah?hehehe)
5. help the students as much as you can...
(why me?help within this 1 month??the students should help themselves as much as they can!bukan aku yg nak amik exam pun...)
6. you are not necessarily have to finish all of your leave!make sure you settle all your work,if possible DO OVERTIME! (huwaaaa.... tang nih aku paling tak rela...mcm tau2 jer aku slalu cilok kerja...baru jer plan nak perabih cuti cepat2+nak apply unrecorded leave! )

Saturday, August 16, 2008

no more cavities!

(aka no more jobs for the dentists in the future??)

Found this article on the website: A company from Florida claimed that they have found a way of eliminating Strep mutans (the evil bacteria which produce lactic acid from sugar on tooth surface) . The concept is simple: they use recombinant DNA technique to produce new variety of S.Mutans which does not produce lactic acid, but produce toxins which are toxic to existing decay-causing- s.mutans in the mouth.

Theoretically, this will replace decay-causing-strains of strep mutans with a genetically modified strain in the mouth, thus reduce acid production on tooth surface. Therefore this will eliminate cavities/caries with only one single visit to the dentist in future!
Interesting, huh? (but not so,for the future dentists!!)

luckily there are other types of bacteria which will cause caries (lactobacillus & actinomyces).
and luckily this method is still on Phase I clinical trial (long,long way to go man! by then, I will already be rich)! :P hehehehehe

one last piece of advise by a wise man:
(Huggy Bear, of the Starsky & Hutch series )

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stairway to better health..

Did you know that by climbing stairs you can....

1. Reduce body fat and calories
2. Stair climbing programs can improve the amount of 'good cholesterol' in the blood - HDL concentrations (Wallace and Neill, 2000).
3. Effective to increase blood circulation and improves lung and heart function.
4. Climbing two steps at a time is good for building the quadriceps and the gluteus.
5.Going down steps builds strength in the quadriceps and to a lesser extent, the hamstrings.

.........grrrrr........ we climbed 7 flights of stairs this morning!!!!!!!! the lift was not working... huhuhu..... (tu pun seb baik leh parking keta@level 8..kalau tak mati gak la nak kena naik ke level 15!!)

Bear Hug Award..

Ada org ajak share Bear Hug Award nih... thanks kak kin! :)

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

At last...

I've got my student visa! Eventhough I might need to renew my visa for another extra year ( or two? hehehe).. Tp at least dah setel satu the next step is to sell my car + looking or a house to live+packing brg nak bwk+packing brg nak tinggal sini... huhu risau gak,takder umah nih..kang merempat lak kat negara orang....dahla dkt2 nak raya lak tuh! huhu

Monday, August 11, 2008

start small...

not bad, huh? think big, start small, work smart...
the idea was from my superior.. thank you so much!
mda scientific convention& trade exhibition,hotel istana, 25-27th jan 2008.

Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dining out @ Aunty Aini's

Just came back from dinner at Aunty Aini's Kampung Cafe..Located just few kilometres away from Nilai town, Aunty Aini's setup is very rustic and rural. Being there gives me the laid back feeling of being back in my very own home in my kampung..

The entrance...a totally different world on the other side of the gate..

What makes the restaurant different from other garden cafe/kampung styled cafe in KL is their FOOD! Aunty Aini's offers a variety of freshly-cooked-kampung styled dishes and quite a variety of western food. Just imagine eating home-cooked-kampung styled dinner under rambutan trees with slow country background music under the candle lights..SO ROMANTIC and RELAXING!
The food were superb!The yummiest selero negori dishes that I have ever tasted..hehehhe..
The three of us had asam pedas ikan jenahak (the gravy is spicy,freshly cooked, thick and delicious!), ayam kampung masak lemak cili api(very hot and spicy), kerabu pucuk paku(tasted fresh and tasty) ...

and deep fried puyuh.. the puyuh is crispy but they manage to preserve the meat tender..YUMMY!Eventhough the food were quite spicy and hot, but we manage to finish it all..(tak baik membazir...hehehehe) With the tasty food ,rustic kampung styled environment and affordable price,Aunty Aini's place is always full with customers(mostly from KL) -even during weekdays! Even Anthony Bourdain visited Aunty Aini's in 2005..Kudos to Aunty Aini.. Highly recommended!

I'm Yours... :-)

Friday, August 8, 2008


BLURRR........KERJA............MALAS.........BLURRRR........Penat tol la...sejak dua menjak nih dah malas nak kerja.. tp my grandpa lak duk push2, bg2 lagi kerja..byk nak kena siapkan before pegi.. kuar dr bilik grandpa (dgn muka keinsafan nak siapkan smua kerja),balikla ke bilik...bila kat lam bilik,dgn keinsapan yg meluap2 tuh mengadu nasib kat roomate..chit chat la ngan my dear roomate...borak2 sket,ngumpat2 sket..sedar2 dah kul 5. punch out.balik umah..the next day, tahap keinsapan dah the end,kerja bertimbun...ehehhe
sowii grandpa! huhuhu
ni la tempat buat ketupat.sambil buat2 bizi sket..ehehe
overlooking klcc lagi.. :D