Friday, December 28, 2012

The end of 2012

Alhamdulillah atas segala nikmat dan rezeki yg Allah bagi utk tahun ni. It was a great year for us. Banyak benda yg tak terjangka dapat dicapai, banyak jugak benda yg dapat dibeli. Eventhough ada sedikit rasa terkilan dan jauh hati dgn the current employer, esp dr segi my career advancement, tapi Insya Allah ada hikmah disebaliknya. I just think maybe jugak ni petunjuk dr Yg Esa for me to plan with my future career. Takpe rezeki ada kat mana2, cuma nk kena rajin cari jer. ;)

Ok lah, Malas nk kecek banyak.

So what did we do during boxing day? We reminisced boxing day sale in our rooms. Almost most of my london friends buat status kat fb/told me yg diorg semua rindukan london/boxing day sale kat london..Boleh borak berjam2 bila duk ingat balik kisah lama kat london dedulu.. Hhahah so nampak sgtla kan, apa yg london dah buat kat kitorg ni semua!! :D and the day after boxing day, we had Firedrillss!! (U know what, Someone climbed down 13flights of stairs with her prada & ferragamo pump!! Tersangat posh! dan seriously Jeles giler.. The pump tersangat lawa dan unik okeh!! Patent leather and the colour changed with sunlight...tengok bow kat shoes tu sj pun dah boleh meleleh air liur.. Not to mention her prada!! :( owhh haruslah bersabar menahan napsu.. Not good... Not good... Not good... Hahahaha :p

btw during xmas sale i replenished my half-year stock. Dapat box yg cantik pulak tuh! Yeay!! And also bought new shoess! Sbb bercita2 nk lawan my hubs' shoes collection la kononnya! (To my hubby,, i will only stop buying new shoes if i can get the ferragamo classic pump, Then u will officially win! Aci tak?!) hahaha sabar cik wan... Sabar... Sabbarrrr.... :p

Wednesday, December 19, 2012

The Big Bad Wolf Experience

My friends had been talking bout the Big Bad Wolf (BBW) booksales since last year. I didnt go last year, why? because we just came back from the UK and had brought home bundles of books, ignorantly thinking that it is ridiculously impossible to get cheap books in our homeland...

but this year we went. 

not once
not twice
but thrice!! hahaha :p

our very first experience with the BBW was last Monday. 

and we find that the big bad wolf is super awesomeee!!we can get quality books super cheap, from as low as RM8: much much cheaper than the marketplace in the amazon or even my fave 2nd hand bookshop back in london!!! weeehoooo!!!

with plenty of books and every section is nicely labelled. 

and my husband had fabulous time. 

his eyes hysterically lit up the moment we enter the hall looking at tonnes and tonnes of books..well, he literally ran from one isle to the other. :p he went beserk the moment he saw the price tags.. hahahaha yes, he is a big fan of books. okay, actually he LOVES books. when we were in london, he can spend hours and days browsing the amazon website looking for rare books/the hidden gem, or updated his books' wishlist every few hours. he bought home several text books which (according to him) is not available even in the University libraries. so it is not a surprise when the adrenaline rush pushed him to the BBW booksale at 9am  after his night shift (and without shower! hahaha), shopping for books for 3 hours then went home for some quick lunch and shower before going back to the BBW again at 2pm for another dose of BBW. super crazey kan? hahahaha :p

the plus points for us: convenient location (5-10minutes drive from my house!)
large hall and airconditioned.
most of hubby's kind of books are aplenty! maybe not many malaysians read his kind of books kot. errr not even his wife! hehhehe :p

so what are our catches?!

tadaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!! :p


which equals to..... 

1 big trolley of books
 or a few boxes of books 
that make it a total of 71 books!!! hahahahahha :pp

20 books for me
and 51 books for him.

the free gifts that we got: bookmarks. hehehe :p

so now we have new problem..
this is our current bookshelves.
so buku2 baru beli tuh semua nak sumbat celah mana???

owh well...
kudos to the Big Bad Wolf,
goodbye kinokuniya,
and hello ikea!!!! ;)

Thursday, December 6, 2012

Mariott Executive Apartment Bangkok.

Baru balik bercuti bangkok.. The best vacay of the year.. Memang betul2 relaxing.. 1 week before bangkok, kerja bizi teramat sangat.. Pernah sampai tahap jumpa mrhubby 30minit je sehari utk 3 consecutive days. sedih jer kan.. Memang pulun kerja gila2 punya, balik umah dah dekat pukul 9.30mlm pastu dgn mrhubby kerja shift malam lagi, pukul 10 dia dah ke tempat kerja... Dahla first time pegi bangkok, seminggu tak jumpa hubby, kerja mcm org gila for the past few weeks, rumah macam tongkang pecah, kerja kat opis bertimbun, dgn sleep and rest deprived lagi tambahan pulak dah lama tak pegi holiday... Mmg a very good combination of reasons lah utk berholiday.. tapi memula kitorg pikir, kitorg akan pancit habis lah, memandangkan penat kerja tak hilang pastu tetiba kena travel holiday lagi..sure flat dan tak bermaya jer bila kat bangkok.. tp bila sampai sana, bila dapat hotel yg memang super fantastic, hilang segala macam jenis penat dan memang perghhh relaxing habis!!! :p kira memang kitorg enjoy habislah holiday kalinih...

view from our unit. 

So entry kalini just nk bg review hotel jer dulu.. For us it was the best hotel that we ever been to. Sampai tahap tanak balik umah sebab superduper cosy and comfy!!! Oh yes, we stayed (well, actually we LIVED) in Marriott Executive Apartment in Sukhumvitt Bangkok. ;)

The name says it all. It was an apartment, hubby punya kerja la ni-pergi berdua tapi siap amik apartment, dia yg book kan. Memula pikir macam membazir, tapi bila sampai dan lihat sendiri hotel tu, terus jatuh chenta! it was a very wise decision indeed. :) hubby book studio suite, tapi dapat free upgrade to 1bedroom suite, sbb mrhubby adalah mariott member. Alhamdulillah lah kan, rezki pengantin lama nak berhanimun.. (bluek!!) Hehehhe :p

1bedroom suite. Bilik besarrrrrrr, bathroom super besarrrrr dan paling best sbb cukup lengkap dengan living room, dining table, a kitchennette complete with crockeries dan jugak washing machine dan dryer!!! The apartment reminds us of our old life in london, but obviously it is in  a much bigger scale than our old Barking home...

working area. 

dilengkapi dgn vacuum cleaner dan iron+ironing board.

our comfy bed!!! ;)

and the spacious wardrobe!!

the kitchen was simply fantastic!

semua ada. crockeries, kitchen utensils, hood+hob, oven and microwave, coffee maker, toaster, kettle as well as dishwasher!!

in fact, the fridge provided is much much bigger than our current fridge!

our "survival kit".... hehehe  :p

dining table for 4 , and the entrance to our bedroom!! oh yes!! they provided us with 2 sets of tvs - in the living room and in the bedroom as well! 

the best part: washing machine and dryer (and also ladder+ torch light and umbrella!!) we were so spoilt!! :p

look at the user manual!! so thick, and well organised!! 

(p.s: look at the shower - it is so big, and directly on your head! best giler mandi, rasa macam mandi hujan!! Bathtub pon ada, sangat besar dan dalam.. Best berendam esp bila time balik travel penat2...)

Dan seluruh bilik-dapur-toilet ber-airconditioned!! takyah nak pikir pasal bil letrik pulak tuh.. heheheh :p

Locationwise: Sgt strategik. within walking distance (15mins walk) to the BTS (overground train) station. kalau malas, ada complimentary tuk-tuk service to/from the station and shopping mall (The Emporium). We all naik tuk-tuk free je spjg kat sana, siap ada lambang mariott lagi. Hehehe :p

simply the best vacation ever. thanks to Mr Hubby, you have spoilt me rotten!!! :p

Ermmm... Tetiba rasa dah takmo duduk terrace/semi-d lagi dah. Nakkembali ke zaman one-bedroom apartment pulak, like the old london days.... Aiyark... Manusia mmg tak pernah puas!! Hheheh