Wednesday, March 6, 2013

Back to nature at Philea Resort Melaka

Mari layan gambar2 Philea Resort Melaka. Pergi Philea awal Disember last year minggu yg sama selepas kitorg balik Bangkok,tp baru berkesempatan transfer gambar dr kamera-laptop-blog.

the main entrance/lobby.
 masa kitorg pergi ni, kebetulan ada ASEAN Judges' Summit. security memang ketat, terasa keselamatan terjamin. hehhee 

the lobby

Philea ni terkenal dengan resort logcabin. sangat unik.

ni our cabin

 and this was our room.

the furnitures in this room is wood-based
view from the verandah

the bath

so peaceful. 
the provide buggy services to/from the rooms to the lobby

huge waterfall and pool

the pool!!

swimming pool dan air terjun. peaceful jer

Our recommendation? It has a hugeee man-made pool, highly recommended utk org yg suka swimming/bwk anak2 main air. Kalau pergi sini, better bwk swimming attire, kalau tak rugi jer.. anyhow, their food was so-so ajer. nothing to shout about, dont really recommend pergi makan kat dia punya restaurant



Anonymous said...

Thanks! senang i nak plan bercuti2.. refer to your blog hehe. love your choice of hotels. hanis.

OneWan said...

hehehee kitorang suka travel. tp sebab limited time (and funding-sbb nak kena save utk naik rumah nanti!hehe) terpaksa travel dlm malaysia je, and to make it exciting, kitorg try stay at various hotels. :)

ANyway, thanks for dropping by. :)