Tuesday, July 2, 2013

BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel Phuket: simply awesome!

We just came back from our 4days-anniversary trip to Phuket. Lately ni memang lagi prefer stay kat serviced apartment sebab lagi relaxing, memula ada terfikir nak stay kat Mariott Apartment Phuket memandangkan last time ke Mariott Bangkok memang sangat best, tapi lepas baca a few reviews and high recommendation from tripadvisor regarding BYD Lofts Boutique Hotel Patong, terus decide nk stay sini.

Dari airport kitorg amik local cab ke Patong, which is about 45minutes away from the airport. Cab fare was about THB700. The hotel is quite new, so driver cari location based on the address given. actually kalau nk senang, boleh je mention that the hotel is situated just next to Andaman Beach Suites, Patong. okay to cut the story short, sampai ke hotel dalam pukul 1pm. was warmly greeted by 2 ladies at the reception, and while waiting for the check in process, we were served with welcome drinks. dan siap dipakaikan bunga lagi! dan yg paling best, kitorg dapat upgrade ke grand deluxe room with very minimum payment!! woot! woot! :p
us in the hotel- just nak tunjuk bunga jer. jakun seketika. hehehe

lepas check in, terus dibawa ke bilik by the receptionist. hotel ni kecik je, ada 2 buildings. in the main building ada 4 levels, dan setiap floor ada 5 bilik shj. so in total dlm 20 rooms aje kat main building. bila sampai ke bilik, siap diberi briefing mengenai facilities bilik yg ada, switches etc, pastu siap tunjuk bedroom dan toilet lagi. awesome sungguh layanan yg diberi.

living room: L-shaped sofa and fresh orchids.

 flat screen tv.

 with ipod/iphone docking, dvd player and Pioneers sound system. in total of 5 speakers hanging in the room.

personal touch: welcome note with my name written on it. and remote control for all the downlights..

the kitchen: my dream kitchen in an hotel : speechless!!
 Teka fridge-freezer. even bigger than our old fridge back in london!

Teka hood, Teka touch screen hob and Teka build-in microwave oven. so sleek, left us drooling just by looking at the appliances!!

 what about having an expresso coffee machine in your hotel room? we were spoilt rotten. gila kan??

not to forget, the kitchen is fully equipped with crockeries and utensils. even the dishwashing liquid/sponge were provided and refilled daily!!

 dining table at the balcony.

 study table.

 the bedroom.

 wardrobe complete with all the basic necessities.

and we were provided with 6 fluffy pillows!!

 and the bath? the biggest hotel bath that Ive ever been to!!

 super big!!

 the big tub, perfect!

and the modern sink. 

very very clean room, even the housekeeper/staffs walking barefoot in the room during housekeeping. strategic location, within walking distance to the beach, Patong town and 5 minutes walk from the famous malay-thai halal cuisine stall: Kusuma!! and the hotel rate? we were considered lucky sebab dapat a very good bargain. less than RM400 for this awesome big room!! simply said, this hotel is beyond par. super!! awesome!!  No wonder they are rated as the best hotel in Patong by the tripadvisor!!

for further info, pls check their website: http://www.bydlofts.com/

and we luurrvvee phuket! already planning for another Phuket trip,and definitely will return to BYD Lofts!!  ;-)