Thursday, December 22, 2011


yeayy!!! we're on holiday!! unwind ourselves after the hectic life we have had lately.. treating ourselves to the best holiday ever. would not hesitate to return here again (hopefully soon!!!) the resort is highly highly recommended. will blog bout this later!! time is too precious now! :p

owh.. did i mention that we have our own pool?!
i mean we have our own private pool in the room, just a few steps away from our beds!!

..and yes, we have 2 king size beds as well!! haha :p


1 comment:

mama ju, said...

salam Wan
Lama tak kaba dgn Wan.
Mcmmana ayah di kg? duk dgn sapa?
Saya baru balik Beris kubur besar.
em baca KJee blog pasal pool ni kat hotel ni jugak. teringin jugak.
Brapa sekarang? dah naik harga ke?