Monday, February 4, 2013

The birthday

I received a surprise birthday treat from an old friend, 2 days before my birthday. Tersangat suweeet dan tersangat terharu okeh!! like, tetiba je dapat delivery to the office. the staff yg terima macam tak caya bila i told them that i didnt order any delivery to the office. thank you so much bestie for the macs!!! u really made my day! :)
Photo: Birthday surprise from an old friend, ha09035.. Thanks so much,bestie!! U just made my day! :))
 the macaroons. from a friend who shared the same opinion regarding laduree's macs. hehehe :p

and yesterday was my birthday. Not much of a celebration, just a small makan2 with the in- laws  (thanks SIL for the treat), and dinner at a nearby arab restaurant. mode malas masak. and I have toldhubby not to send me any flowers this year. so no flower deliveries to the office this year, (but i can claim for the pressie later.. yeayyy!!! ;p hehehehe).  no photos. no cakes. as simple as that. :)

anyway, we are too excited for the long holiday: ours starts tomorrow till after the CNY!! woohooo!!! just received my first batch of mandarin oranges from the xxx lab. thanks xxx lab and special thanks xoxo clinic! ;)

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