Thursday, October 10, 2013

Beijing Imperial Mansion Marriott Service Apartment: The review

Lately ni memang kitorg suka stay kat service apartment. reason dia satu je, kitorg nak selesa, we need more space and the main reason is because we want to cook our own food!!! :p so bila google punya google, ada banyak service apartment di beijing ni. tp yg betul2 menepati citarasa kitorg dan location bagus serta budget tak sangat membocorkan pocket iaitu The Imperial Mansion, Beijing Mariott Service Apartment.

Kitorg booking 2 bulan sebelum perjalanan,direct melalui website diorg sdr. book awal dan prepaid siap2, sebab boleh dapat special rate.

the hotel.

Location wise, memang tersangat strategik. terletak di Wangfujing, the biggest shopping district in Beijing. within walking distance (dlm 5minutes walk) to subway station and shopping area. muslim food pun banyak di sekitar hotel. nightlife, jangan cakap la, dah macam ala2 Bukit Bintang jer. 

the reception area. tersangat rasa homely, dan tersangat low density.

huge huge hugeeee hotel lobby

really huge and very low density. jarang sangat jumpa penghuni lain di lobi hotel ni.

the corridor

this was our living and small dining table.

ada flat screen tv, dvd player and sofa for 2.

next to the living area, is the kitchen

a small cooking area for us. 

washer, dishwasher, microwave, 2 doors fridge, and kitchen waste disposal grinder.
the kitchen was just perfect!

a toilet in the living area.

and the bedroom...

equipped with flatscreen tv and a small working area

dlm wardrobe siap ada mask lagi, in case of fire. :p

comfortable king sized bed.

complimentary toileteries

and attached bathroom (with no separating door!) :p

no doors/blind whatsoever... see?? 18SX. strictly for couples only. hehehehhe

and huge hugeeee bath tub!!! easily can accomodate 2 adults at one time! :P

toilet and shower and 2 huge mirrors.

and the BEST part is....

there is a built-in tv in the mirror!!! 

which means that we can just......

turn off the bath lights, turn on the tv and dozed off in the huge bath tub!!! 
heaven on earth!!! 

If we happen to be in beijing, we will definitely return to this awesome hotel.. highly recommended! our hard-earned money is well spent! ;-)


naza said...

wei best lps mandi (with no separate door) sure kene ngap ngan cik abg!! ooppss 18sx.. ;P

dzulfikar samsudin said...

Nazaaaaaaaa....languageeee! lolzz (tutup tinger)