Friday, January 16, 2009

the show

Despite being extremely busy this week, we went berpoya-poya yesterday.
habis jer klinik kul 5pm, terus chow ke Oxford Circus to watch this show:

The famous London theater : THE SOUND OF MUSIC!!

7.30pm, at the Palladium Theater, Argyll St.
there were 6 of us; Lini (penganjur), K.Imah, Syida, Alia, Me & Hubby.

for just GBP10 (got the special fare, thanks to Lini), it is worth every single penny!
~ dapat duk dalam 10 rows jer dr stage..

and all I could say is:
and; Highly recommended!!

and on the way back, near the tube station, we watched another show by a man, with his own version of 'sound of music'!!

creative busker; created his own drums dgn bahan2 terbuang!~habis diangkutnya periuk2 belanga, baldi2, tong2 sampah utk dibuat drum!
and the sound effects: not bad at all!!!
hasilnya: ~siap ada mat saleh menari2 lagik!hehe dan pulangannya 'lumayan' sekali! :-)

the 3-stoogers yg confirm akan g tgk lagi show2 lain in future...
amacam geng, ada 'berani'? :P
Mamma Mia or Lion King, maybe?!


dxoul lacruz said...

wahhhhh....nak itot..nak itot..lini UIA tu ka?

wan said...

dxoul: jom ler mai sini....kalau dtg sept ni pun sempat lg tgk mamma mia tuh, tp lion king dah habis ler time tuh! hehehe yup, lini tuh trainee UIA, ur batch dulu kat usm..