Saturday, August 9, 2008

Dining out @ Aunty Aini's

Just came back from dinner at Aunty Aini's Kampung Cafe..Located just few kilometres away from Nilai town, Aunty Aini's setup is very rustic and rural. Being there gives me the laid back feeling of being back in my very own home in my kampung..

The entrance...a totally different world on the other side of the gate..

What makes the restaurant different from other garden cafe/kampung styled cafe in KL is their FOOD! Aunty Aini's offers a variety of freshly-cooked-kampung styled dishes and quite a variety of western food. Just imagine eating home-cooked-kampung styled dinner under rambutan trees with slow country background music under the candle lights..SO ROMANTIC and RELAXING!
The food were superb!The yummiest selero negori dishes that I have ever tasted..hehehhe..
The three of us had asam pedas ikan jenahak (the gravy is spicy,freshly cooked, thick and delicious!), ayam kampung masak lemak cili api(very hot and spicy), kerabu pucuk paku(tasted fresh and tasty) ...

and deep fried puyuh.. the puyuh is crispy but they manage to preserve the meat tender..YUMMY!Eventhough the food were quite spicy and hot, but we manage to finish it all..(tak baik membazir...hehehehe) With the tasty food ,rustic kampung styled environment and affordable price,Aunty Aini's place is always full with customers(mostly from KL) -even during weekdays! Even Anthony Bourdain visited Aunty Aini's in 2005..Kudos to Aunty Aini.. Highly recommended!


meanie mean said...

u cannot do this la sis...huuhuhuh u make me want 2 come home.....
tapi...betul, lantak la byk2..karang kat sana..huhuhuhu

wan.syariza said...

dun worry... FOOD will be one of my favourite topics in this blog!heehehe