Tuesday, August 26, 2008

kota bharu

We went back to his home town last weekend. We made the effort of going back via kl-kuala kangsar-gerik-kota bharu route. Eventhough it costs us 2hours of extra journey and an extra RM 30-PLUS hiway tolls, but for him everythings seemed to be worth the effort:

1. because we get the chance of travelling a new route home.

2. he said "its a 'double home town' route"-- he claimed that his hometowns are actually Kuala Kangsar and Kota Bharu...(please note that: his priority is KK!)..mostly because he spent 5 of his precious teenage years in Koleq (what a waste! u've wasted extra chance of befriending extra women in yourlife, dear!hehehehe) -- ermm.. even until now I cant understand the spirit tough!speret koleq??

3. as for me, it was a relaxing journey.. (at least for the first half of the journey I didnt have to bother driving-- he is more than willing to drive, at least up to KK. so far, he will never, ever feel bored and tired throughout KL-KK journey!most of the time he would repeatedly tell me his old days in that school, and sing the school anthem (...ggrrr.. no wonder I can memorise their school anthem by heart!...its a very bad influence on me!!)

4. we had barbeque dinner at home!

playful little muzaffar with his version of 'peace' sign..

5. we went to several delicious restaurants in KB.

floating restaurant in KB.. (poor pic, I should use my dslr for extra flash)

6. got the chance of meeting the kids.. (will probably miss them soon!)

talkative and chubby marissa.. (with the mother)

I wonder when will the next time I'll be going back home.. srot...srot...

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