Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Stairway to better health..

Did you know that by climbing stairs you can....

1. Reduce body fat and calories
2. Stair climbing programs can improve the amount of 'good cholesterol' in the blood - HDL concentrations (Wallace and Neill, 2000).
3. Effective to increase blood circulation and improves lung and heart function.
4. Climbing two steps at a time is good for building the quadriceps and the gluteus.
5.Going down steps builds strength in the quadriceps and to a lesser extent, the hamstrings.

.........grrrrr........ we climbed 7 flights of stairs this morning!!!!!!!! the lift was not working... huhuhu..... (tu pun seb baik leh parking keta@level 8..kalau tak mati gak la nak kena naik ke level 15!!)


meanie mean said...

so....we have to walk, take 7 flights of stairs to get our mission accomplish.....

iza said...

btul la tu. stairways to 'heaven' kannn.. heh