Wednesday, April 22, 2009



After months of wearing layers of clothes; jackets, coats and thermal wears, today is the 1st time in 7months I went out without any thick layers of clothes! not even jacket/cardigan~eventhough some mat salleh are still wrapped up in thick coats, especially early in the morning!

I am so light... felt so free and easy... with light breeze of wind.. just 'spring' my life back in the air! What a lovely weather!

but frankly speaking, being Malaysian, I do love the mild temperature, but not the sun! hehehe still tak paham kenapa the mat sallehs suka sangat berjemur bwh matahari even in the lecture rooms/clinics! sokmo gaduh with kawan2ku dari europe (and once with my patient! hehe) pasal nak jatuhkan blind ke tak! hahaha.. ~pernah kena lecture dgn sorg patient yg bengang sbb aku suh assistant jatuhkan blind sbb panas+silau!tak pasal2 dapat lecture pasal kepentingan cahaya matahari dalam kehidupan manusia! hehe weih.. kalo nak cahaya matahari byk2 g mesia laa.. hehehhe :P
*tetiba taip dlm bahasa melayu sbb takut kawan sekuliah ku terbaca entri nih! hehehe

errmm... agaknya sebab tuh mat salleh reka lagu nih kot... :)

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