Sunday, April 5, 2009

The long lazy weekend

Currently enjoying my long, lazy weekend. :))

Thanks to the upcoming British Society of Prosthodontics Conference in York this Monday and Tuesday. All lecturers are going, so they just called the classes/clinics off! They 'advised' us to go too, but we have to pay GBP200 for registration, not including transportation and lodging! So we decided to stay at home, and ENJOY our freedom!! Its not our fault though, because we were not paid by the univ to go, we will not have any break till summer, and this is considered one of the rare occasions where we have 4days break from school! hehehe

So for next week, I just have 1 Consultation Clinic on Wednesday morning, and another clinic on Thursday afternoon. Then we are off again, for another long weekend, the Bank Holidays! Yippee!!

So I decided to reward myself by not to involve with any academic reading* until after the bank holidays. I need a good rest, before working hard again for the final exam in June!
(*as usual, we were given a handful of reading lists, but this time, its doubled the normal! isk!!).

So what I did was..

1. Enjoying my birthday pressie: Novel by Cecilia Ahern- Where the rainbows end. Hooked up with pillows and the novel since morning, and finished reading it by evening. Currently on my second novel- Danielle Steel- The House. (While hubby was busy playing Hawx on PS3.)

2. Busy with our Thinkpads; Internets. PC games. Chatting. Facebooking. Blogging.

3. Enjoying the SKY movies and SKY comedies- our fave; 2 and a half man. Everybody Loves Raymond. Frasier. Scrubs.

4. Sleep.sleep. sleep.

5. Too lazy to cook as well. Just ate simple meals, twice per day. hehehehe

What a wonderful student life! :D


naza said...

uit bestnya..byk la hols la jln2..btw this friday bukan bank's Good hols normally on monday..pegi short vacation..ever heard of island of Wight?pegi satu hari naik ferry..cukup weekend tuh!!enjoy!!

aritlia said...

rest rest..u'll need the energy for next weekend!!! easter egg hunting n "membakaring" :P