Friday, May 8, 2009

Halal KFC@London?! It's the Original!

Statements about KFC:
1. Everyday I have to walk in front of a big KFC restaurant in Barking on my way to school but never been able to buy since it was not halal, and we end up buying Pakistani's styled fried chicken instead! :D
2. KFC London offers a slightly different meal sets compared to Malaysian KFC.
3. KFC meals are much cheaper than Pakistani's fried chicken meals.
4. I have Muslim friends from London who never taste KFC in their whole life because it is not Halal! Pity 'em.. :P
5. Halal KFC in Paris is one of the 'must-go' places in Paris, esp among Malaysians. :)
6. Even some of my friends brought KFC from Paris as 'souvenirs' for their loved ones! hehehe

So after nearly 8months dreading to eat the finger licking good KFC meal, finally Halal KFC is in town!! There are 8 halal KFC stores, and most of them are in East London! (I wonder what took them too long to offer halal kfc stores? they should start earlier, since there are thousands of Muslims in UK/London!)

I had my first taste of London's KFC today! Luckily the nearest halal KFC store is just in Upton Park; 2 tube stations away from Barking.. and the store is just outside the Upton Park's station!

The Halalan Toyyiban KFC meal..

*Burpp... I'm full! :P


aritlia said...

jelesnya..there's none near me!! nak gi mkn kfc lagi?? ajak alia ok!

naza said...

oohh naaakkk kfc...kene pegi weekend nihh!!!

wan said...

sila...sila... soodaaappp hingga menjilat jari! :P

alia: rasanya the nearest ngan ur place would be totenham hale?rasanya betul2 depan station kot.. kalo nak dtg east pon boleh.. hehe