Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Summer by the beach

We planned so many things to do last weekend, but due to (endless) engineering works, the District and Hammersmith line to Barking were suspended for the whole weekend! Chettt!! Everything in our plan was put on hold, leaving us 'stranded' in Barking! :P

So as usual, we went down to shop some groceries from the local butcher and Iceland.. and we found that the city council had organised 2012 Countdown festival for the weekend, as part of London 2012 Olympic coundown celebration! (they called it twenty-twelve celebration)

The London Borough of Barking & Dagenham (pronounce as Da-gen-nem) even brought 'beach' right to our doorsteps! :P

errr... eventhough the 'beach' are without any water or coconut trees,


...the crowds were still huge..
and even beach beds were available!
~but unfortunately there were no girls in bikinis! :P

They organised sandcastles competition, beach volley, beach football, and even 'rowing'!

The kids were having so much fun...
(pity the kids.. some of them looked soo jakun playing in the sand!)

..and so were the adults!
~enjoying the sun with free dance class!

No wonder the mat salehs are so happy to be in Malaysia..

White sandy beaches..

Batu Burok Beach, July 2009.

Pantai Penarik, Merang, Terengganu.
July 2009

Sunset by the beach..

Overlooking Sepang Gold Coast
Bagan Lalang, July 2009.

Bagan Lalang
July 2009

Great Malaysian Hospitality.. and Cheap but scrumptious seafood!!

our all time fave food: Ikan Bakar
Bagan Lalang, July 2009

Lala masak pedas
Bagan Lalang, July 2009

and not to forget: Sotong Celup Tepung!!!!
Bagan Lalang, July 2009.

*all the food costs us less than GBP12pounds!!

gosh! how I miss Malaysia!! esp the food... :P
(will blog bout the food later.. )

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