Saturday, July 25, 2009

Twenties Girl!!

Its about this book again, Sophie Kinsella's latest novel.
Just finished reading it a few minutes ago, and yet I think I can read it all over again and again and again!!
(and it just took me less than 1day to finish it all!)

Love every tiny bit of the book..
This book is hilarious and loads of fun!
~and it makes me feel 23 again! hahaha

obviously Sophie Kinsella will be my fave author, ever!
Hopefully will get the opportunity for her book signing session in London soon!!
~please,please..if there is any, please somebody let me know?! I'm desperate to get her signatures! :P

Thumbs up and highly recommended!
Ratings: 5 out of 5!! (without any doubt!!)


isz_3707 said...

babe, if u happened to meet her, mintakkan i sign skali. i pun peminat setia dia tp this latest book i blom pi sambaq ngeeeeee

salam perkenalan anyway ;)

wan said...

hi isz!
ohhh sure!!nih pun everyday duk google kot2 ada book signing session!!hehe better p sambaq cepat,seriously superb!!u won't regret it at all!! :))