Saturday, March 20, 2010

Guilty pleasure

1. Lazing around in the house while facebooking and blog hopping.
Its a pleasure having to spend sometime by the laptop nowadays. Something to look forward to at the end of the day, a couple of minutes just to escape from my lab-library-study-research regimes. Btw to be honest, I'm not into facebook anymore. Suddenly I just realised that facebook is quite boring now, esp with their new format.. or maybe its just me? (and it is a sign of aging, perhaps? hehehe)

2. Eating and cooking therapy.
Another way to distract my mind from all those stresses at home. I rarely cook now, and what we had for dinner were just plain simple meals (everynight is a roasted lamb to alternate with either roasted chicken or roasted squid to go with plain rice dinner).. that is without any delicious food: not even a simple gravy, soup or curry on the table! lazy me, but pity hubby! :P

But somehow I still managed to grab a few extra kilos, thanks to the abundance of junk food, frozen food in the fridge, biscuits, ice creams and chocolates. I dont even bother, since what i need is something to chew my stresses away...hehehe btw i will start on diet soon, once all these stresses are over.. (boleh caya ke ni?ok well, at least i'll start by cutting down on the junkies/salt/ice creams/chocs after this.. )

However, yesterday I managed to cook something special for dinner. Hubby found a nice recipe on the net and he requested for it. Since we haven't had anything special for weeks, plus the recipe is so simple and yet looks delicious, I decided to give it a try...

Nasi mandhy/nasi arab.
Hubby had been begging for this kind of nasik for quite sometime.. (bad wifey! hehehe)

our dinner: nasi arab to go with acar timun and roasted lamb. I was too lazy and busy to cook dalca.. :P

care for this? £5 per plate... :P
finger licking yummilicious!

3. Retail therapy.
Well I had my dose of retail therapy this month, without having to go to central london.. and it seems that we managed to slash out a few items from our secret london wishlist. Thanks to the strong ringgit value. :)) ..will blog bout this later. *wink* :P

till then, adios!
p/s: pls pray for my success! :(


wan_syahira said...

yummy...nasik tue mcm minyak2 ckit..bestnyer...huhu... o.0

zailamohamad said...

nampak sedap, kasiklah resepi wan!!!

aritlia said...

giler la kak wan! nmpk yummy hbs!

Wan said...

buya: nih rasa dia lain skit dr nasik minyak..nasik arab,berempah sodap! :P

zaila: nnti saya post resepi.nak kena blog hopping balik utk cari resepi..

alia: memang sedap! paling sedap bila lelemak ayam bercampur ngan rempah nasik dan lelemak lamb..pergh! :P hancus dietku yg sememangnya dah nyawa2 ikan ni.. :P

Hana' Yusuff said...

sedapppnya tgk! terus terasa nak hancurkan diet skrg ni.kalau dah jumpa resepi tepek la kat sini eh..:)

mazura said...

hye syariza!pttla dh lama x berfb rupenye bz kt fren from new castle (well, dh back for good pon) promote ur blog..rupe2nye ex-classmate sndiri pnye ni br smpt baca..hehe..terer2 msk..nasi arab tu mmg looks r recipe..anyway all the best in whatever u do!

Wan said...

hana: nanti saya tempek resepi some time next week. nak kena cari balik ni,mmg ada plan nak buat lagi skali jugak.. tunggu abis exam dulu ni.. :)

zura: memang dah lama tak aktif sgt fb. suka meluah perasaan kat sini jer. my private space yg tak brapa private..sbb sng nak bercerita. hehehe :)