Sunday, January 1, 2012

twenty twelve

twenty eleven;

-  pulun travel
-  pulun shopping
- pulun clinical work at school
- lived alone in london for 2 months.
- family bereavement
- passed my MClinDent and membership exams.
- back for good after 3 years in london
- bought a new ride (after 3 years without car)
- my toys safely arrived, alhamdulillah all arrived safely without even a scratch!
- re-occupied our old home in cheras, which had been left empty for the past 3yrs
- start working again after 3 years
- adjusting to new life back home

twenty twelve;

- travel least maintain travel once in 3months cam kat uk.
- earn more.
- recover my damaged wallet.. hehehe
- refurbish home.
- dan errr... nak beli benda hitam.. boleh? hehehehe (erkk baru mention nk repair wallet, dah plan nk spend lagi!hahaha) ;p

semoga dimurahkan rezeki.


Oyis said...

happy new year kak wan & family :)

zailamohamad said...

happy new year wan

moga ketemu kita suatu masa nanti;)