Tuesday, January 17, 2012

the last 2 photos (petanda)

I was in the middle of transferring my 3month-old-photos from the camera
and suddenly realised that my last 2 photos of London were



and this..

both were taken from our moving cab on our way to the airport. hehehe
tujuan asal nk amik gambar kenangan bendera hitam tuh.. hehehe sempat lagi tuh! :p

p.s;and just realised that we do not have any photos taken at the Heathrow airport! no regrets tho. 


naza said...

InsyaAllah x lama lagi dah! Kelass giler cab lalu harrods pegi heathrow! ;P

OneWan said...

mmg cab kalo dr east kena lalu central. mmg buat satu pusingan london bridge-westminister-buckingham-harrods. ala2 final farewell gitu. hehehe

p.s: dah pasrah!! :p

dxoul lacruz said...

datang le sini...melawat adik beradik yang tinggal kat sini..hew hew hew