Friday, January 13, 2012

Grand Lexis, the photos.

The long due post. We went to the great Grand Lexis Hotel (formerly known as The Legend International Water Homes) just before Xmas last year. since am too lazy to type, just enjoy the photos - my version.

the main attraction..

ofcos' its the private pool in your room. :)

we had Garden Chalet. it was the cheapest, and the pool is big enough for the 2 of us. more importantly more privacy compared to the water chalet-if u're unlucky your Water Chalet pool can be seen from atop of the building- the car park.

complete wif a small garden and a nice outdoor bathing area after swimming.

the room is BIG. can easily and comfortably accomodate 4 adults.

a sofa and a coffee table..

..overlooking the pool.

the room is also equipped with a microwave oven (with a pair of oven mitt & tea towel!) and a small work area.

plates, forks and spoons were also provided!

unlimited teas and coffees. FOC.

the wash basin in the WC


Pricewise, a bit pricey. but definitely worth every penny. 
we'll be back again, hopefully soon!! ;)

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littlehumblelynn said...


its pricy but more than worth it!!!
Kumpul blk tabung ayam nk dtg sini blk.huhuhu