Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Dental Exams!

Alhamdulillah, baru jer abis written exams harini. penat nya bukan main lagi. mentally, emotionally and physically! mental- sebab byk pikir, emotional- sebab emosi tak stable, dgn kena duk umah sensorang lagi kan, makan minum pon tak teratur sgt.. and physical, sebab lenguh tangan weih!! tulisan memang dah lama kalah tulisan doktor la, even worse! hahaha my handwriting skang ni mmg teruk, terketar2 nak tulis, pegang pen pon tak brapa betul dah. memang dah lama kalah dgn budak darjah 1! err.. I think I can type faster than writing! hehehe

maggi kari, saya goreng je. antara food utk exam saya. nk bagi zat sket utk brain, saya campak ayam sikit dgn british asparagus yg gedempol. selera tetiba takde since last week! mulut pon pahit jer.. hehehe 

Actually we have had 2 written exams (1 paper per day) yesterday and today, 3 hours for each paper, which consist of 3 long essay questions. They expect us to write at least 4-5 pages of long essays for each question, and the question might be on any topic! any topic!! no clues from the lecturers, no hints, nothing!! and it must be evidence based!! so that means we have to know every single thing, from implants, removable prosthodontics, fixed prosthodontics, dental materials and also restorative dentistry, not only the basic knowledge, we must look for the evidence as well. that means squeezing my brain cells with weird names and odd  years, on top of their findings and contributions to the field! and thats A LOT! a whole LOT! dahla dengan otak dah berkarat kan, sebab tua pick up pon slow jer! hahaha

my notes, and some books.

Then we have our hands-on (practical) exams, where we need to cut a PFM crowns on 4 anterior teeth as well as make the temporaries! the practical will be on PFM crown, which means, I have to precisely cut 1.5mm labial reduction shoulder, tuck the shoulder at the interproximal area for aesthetics, and join with 0.5mm palatal chamfer to get the 'wings' (thats the tough bit!)!! and the cuttings/drillings must be precise, not more and not less, and we are talking about milimetres here, not centimetres!! errr... I need a loupes now!! :( mmg boleh juling bijik mata! :p  And this practical exam will be next week! :( not that I haven't done crown cuttings before, but it is totally different between crown cutting in the lab-with the margins must be precisely prepared, and in the clinic-where every case/tooth differs from each other! I really need to practice on this. and practice. and practice. and some more practice. :(

we have to prepare some thing like this la.. (the pic on the right hand side)

Then on the 7th of July would be the D-day. I think we all will go crazy on that day! hahaha just imagine, in one day we have to sit for 5 parts of exams; denture design, new patient assessment, jaw registration as well as case presentation and VIVA. they will announce the results straight away in the evening. memang mati keras tahap gaban!! awal2 lagi coordinator dah pesan maybe balik lambat harituh!!! :(( but then, after that day, memang MERDEKA lah!! tu pon kalau pass.. Insya Allah!

Hopefully nih last la amik exam!! dah tak larat nak amik2 exam dah, dah tua! I even told my sister that I'm not planning to further my studies anymore, well at least for the next 3-4 years. Its not that I hate studying (in fact I super enjoy my studies in UK,mine is a great course,with helpful lecturers and wonderful colleagues!), but I just dont want to take any more exams,I'm too tired, especially the written exams!! thats what I feel, at least for now. hehehe :p I just want to relax and enjoy my life, spend more time with family and start new life back home (again).. jeles gak tgk kenkawan kat mesia semua dah settle down, rumah besar2 kereta besar.. kalo bukak private clinic dah lama boleh buat swimming pool kat umah.. kita ni baru nak berdikit2, kereta pon tarrak!! dahla grade gaji tak naik, backdated pon tak dapat cam kenkawan kat k*m! kesian, kan?! :p takpe la, rezki masing2 Allah bagi! :D

Hopefully dipermudahkan. Insya Allah!

Sekian, thanks for reading my ramblings. I know it is too technical, but I think I need to jot those down for future references,on how easy and sweet it was to get my specialist degree!! :p


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good luck!

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Good luck !

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menyesal baca..terus stress balik :D