Thursday, December 18, 2008

...and now my hols begin!...

Fuh!! our last task was seminar on adhesives this morning (it is one of the most complicated subject to understand in restorative dentistry).. luckily the 5 of us managed to get thru it succesfully! (Kalli-our Greek coursemate flew back home last nite).. its a semi-party concept (potluck party+seminar! best gak, discuss2 sambil makan2,minum2.. kalau kena tnya soalan yg susah2 tenung jer food atas meja,terus dapat jawab!takpun buat2 bizi makan, takyahla jawab terus! hahaha)

So officially, tomorrow is our last day of the Autumn term..

Esok nyer patient cancelled the unofficially aku dah start cuti harinih! bagus tol.. cam paham2 jer kitorg dah takde mood nak wat klinik!hehehe (tp esok still kena g ngadap prof- explain naper takder patient, etc...etc..buat muka kesian je la, hopefully dia tak bisinglar esok!)

Hohoho...BESTNYER!! dah start cuti!!!

Things to do during the hols:
1. tido...makan...tido lagi..and makan lagi.. try new recipe, maybe?
2. tv...
3. internet.. (will upload more photos and update blog more frequent!)
4. Rehatkan minda, relaxkan badan... (nih cuti yg paling panjang kitorg dapat, lepas nih ada cuti 4 hari jer utk Easter.. lepas tuh YILLEKK!! NOTHING!! TAKDOK!! TIADA CUTI!! sampaila habis first year yakni summer next year!!!)
5. pusing keliling London habis-habisan dengan Sella (shes coming from edinburgh for 1 week).. ~thinking of taking the Hop On-Hop Off Big Bus tour (a tourist bus tour in London)
6. SHOPPING...especially on boxing day. I've got endless of shopping lists..haha
7. get out of London. contemplating on going to Edinburgh??(ikut Sella balik-tp sana sejuk sgt skang ni!rasa cam takleh survive jer winter kat sana) or Manchester ?? (ada org nak g Old Trafford!) or sewa keta and gi tour bandar2 sekitar London?? (teringin nak g Bath tgk Stonehedge gak!) or lake district?? (tp berbaloi ker g musim winter nih??)
8. Finish up Cooper's assignment! (need to do 4-pages of essay on amalgam vs composite!!!)
9. update my seminar notes.
10. preparing for final exam
11. preparing for Part 1 MFDS
12. read more journals and prostho books! ;)
13. preparing for next term seminar!!dah ada seminar on the 1st day of next term, at 9am!!and we have been given a list of journals to read as xmas gifts! kijamm!!! memang tak bagi peluang lansung! huhuhu

and we have been given only 3 weeks of holiday..

any suggestions on how to manage my cuti????

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