Sunday, December 21, 2008

Its all about friends....(and food!)

We organised a lunch makan2 yesterday.
He said this would be the '95ers Koleq get together' party.
(for extra info; 95ers =batch of 95 MCKK who are in London)

~but for me: its more of a house warming party!

1. ....of course the 95ers and family!
Faiz, Ida & little Fuadi
Ashraf, Intan & cute Akilah
Mr Kamarul - the oncologist

2. the QMUL postgraduate Malaysian girls.

Wan, Budi & Dilla : 3 out of 4 Malaysian girls.

Wan, Ida & Fuadi, Dilla and Hikmah.

Akilah, Intan's + Ashraf 's legs
(sorry guys, lupa nak snap gambar korg bertiga!)

Marwan, Faiz, Kam Zaki, Fuadi and Azman (Dilla's hubby)
3 out of 5 are old boys.. (and 1 will be in MCKK in 10 years' time??)

Eating, chit chatting, playing with the kids, watch tv,
..and PS3 session!hehehe

the main activity: Eating & chit-chatting.

After few days of planning and thinking of suitable dishes, easy to cook and EDIBLE, so these were the menu:

1. Gulai kawah (authentic Kelantan dish)
2. Asam pedas ikan salmon
3. Sayur goreng dengan daging

4. Roasted chicken drumsticks and wings - review : Superbly delicious!!!
(hubby's cooking!)

5. Dessert: Keropok ikan from Terengganu, strawberry and toffee cheesecake (from ASDA), oranges, some raya cookies (thanks to Kamarul) and superb kek gula hangus (thanks to Ida & tabik spring to her: she is really an expert in baking- superb cake and knows how to make a good bingka ubi as well!!!)
6. bottomless Coke, orange juice and hot drinks.

the so called 'lunch party' ended at 9++pm..
thanks so much for coming, guys!!

Enjoyable day, successfully done..
successfully prepared EDIBLE breakfast/lunch/dinner for the guests..
Rave review from the guests! Marvellous!

we decided to have another party soon! :D
~just wait for the invitation to our barbeque party next spring/summer! *wink!*


meanie mean said...

whoaaa.... sedap nyer... mana cari kawah???? and u have flat screen tv??? oMG!!!!!!!!!!

wan said...

berkawah atas hob jer ler..manala nak cari kayu api sinih... heheheh mmg ada flat screen tv, tp tuh smua pinjaman semata2..hehehe

naza said...

uish biler buat house warming ni?while we were in Espania ek?nnt BBQ ajak tau!!jgn la lupekan org yg malas masak nih..

norlela said...

bila date next part nie? I'll come over for the great party... hehheh...

wan said...

naza: sori, we all berkawah time korg pi spain..hehe
ermm.. next party? tungguuu!!! manaleh habaq awai2, tak thrill ler!