Tuesday, December 9, 2008


Our first Aidiladha celebration, Malaysian style:

1. Lots of Malaysian food on the dining table.
(good food is an added advantage!)

2. A must-have raya delicacy- Malaysian rendang.
(limited edition- habis licin!!)

3. Friends coming over to celebrate
(and to enjoy the food! hehe).

4. Hours of kids running around the house happily...

5. ...and hours of adults chit-chatting, eating, laughing, eating, chit-chatting and eating again.. (followed by photography sessions at the end of the day!)

Wish that we have more eid than twice a year.. hahaha!
Thanks guys, for coming over and celebrate with us! :D


naza said...

wah pantas berblog! Btw thanx for having us on raya. The foods were fantastic. I wish Adib would sit quietly so that mummy could enjoy all foods! :)

aritlia said...

uwaaaa...sedey nyaer..dah laa i raya diperantauan..exam lak tus! sakit lak tus! just not my week.. nampak sedap bgt all the food!

wan said...

food "bidan terjun".. last minute planning.. tataula sedap ke tak, tp habis licin gak la... hehehe ok gak la raya kali ni (compared to raya posa last time, berdua jer!!dahla time tu tgh homeless!!)hehe