Friday, December 12, 2008

He is now 3!

Tribute to this little kid:

Name: Abbas Muzaffar
Location : Kota Bharu, Kelantan.
Fave transport: BUS!
(eventhough he spent not more than 30mins in a bus in his life!hehe)

Fave series: Geng Bas Sekolah & The Kampung Boy of Astro Ceria.
(can spent hours watching the series!)

Fave Movies: Cicakman and Ultraman Dyna or is it Ultraman Tiga?
(I've lost count of how many Ultramans are there now!!)

Fave spot: Couch in front of the tv;
laying on the couch topless, and in diapers, head resting on the arm rest,Conquering the whole couch!with his milk bottle, of course!

Idol : Abang Mat (of GBS series) & Mat the Kampung Boy
Fave sports: Rugby??
(he can do the All Black's haka- coached by his Ayah Su!)

Fave uncle: Ayah Ngah
(who is now in London - always ask the uncle to buy him toys esp BUSES! even now he ordered busses to be delivered from London!!hehe)

Fave aunty: Hahaha..the owner of this blog,of course!
( she is the only aunty from his mom's family!)

with his fave aunty!hahahaha..

Muzaffar is now 3 years old...

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Mohd said...

happy birthday baby abbas!!