Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Life of a student penganggur..

Morning; after subuh had our breakfast.
Menu: roti canai and kari ayam.
Yummy paratha.. not much difference from malaysian roti canai. Very2 cheap, just 10p each!

At 9am, took a district line tube from Barking, change to Bakerloo line at Embankment towards Marylebone station. At 1030am, we were on the train to Bicester North.

View from the Chiltern railway train.
The journey by train from Marylebone is about 45mins.

Arrived at Bicester shopping Village at 1145 am.
(Its a factory outlet shopping village)
Met with several Malaysian, Singaporean and Indonesian families.
Most of the visitors were from Asia.
(mostly Chinese speaking people)

lunch at Carluccio's at 330pm.Had an Italian lunch.

At the shopping village with all of our 'hasil tangkapan'.
On the way back home at 5pm.
Arrived home at 730pm.
We were exhausted, physically and mentally!
Crazy Christmas sale that makes us crazy!hehehehe


naza said...

weh byk giler harvest..tgh sale ke?ni bile nye shopping?my mom dah tak sabar nk mengharvest kt Bicester..

tint said...

Hehehe..tunggu boxing day lagi crazy!!!And even more Msians in Bicester..hahaha..Jom NEXT sale kul 3pg (mummy Akilah kena plan shopping time Akilah tido, kalo x xde chance!!ahaqz..)

wan said...

hahahaha tuh smua benda2 yg sale jer kitorg borong.. just imagine leh dapat 1 handbag guess for just GBP20-30!!and kasut timberland for just GBP30!apalagi, borong ler!!

norlela said...

mak aii... shoppimg sakan nie wan...


well done Ja!!! Akhirnya sampai jugek awak kesana...now tell me, which place is better now; bicester or seven sisters? well...to harvest, of course! soalan ni utk 2009..hee..a girl needs to plan ahead kan?

Anonymous said...


for me ahhahaahaha......semuanya ok coz boleh "spending the money to the right place". kak yah nie.....

wan said...

yup!! bicester is better-but it depends on what are u looking for.. there are several more outlets here- swindon and ashford.. whatever it is, just save ur money for the next trip!!!hahaha

p/s: actually this was my 2nd time to bicester.have been to ashford once as well!!hehehe