Monday, February 16, 2009

Beefsteak with blackpepper sauce ala Malaysia.

Our humble homemade lunch yesterday.

Beefsteak with blackpepper sauce.

Just a few simple steps... (for a great homemade lunch! )

1. Trim fat from beef*. Marinade beef fillet with chopped garlic,pepper, chilli powder and salt for at least 1hour**.
* You can also use lamb chop/beef ribs. I just use frying steak..
** Lagi lama marinade, lagi bagus... so that perisa2 tuh boleh meresap masuk ke dalam daging.

2. Heat oil (preferably olive oil). Fry beef until it turns brown, turn the beef frequently. Fry for about 3-5 minutes only. Just to make sure air daging keluar dan daging senang masak.. Got the tips from Gordon Ramsay.. :D

Half-cooked beef. (or it is called medium rare)
N.B : look at the juice from the beef.

3. Put beef and boiled potatoes* on baking tray. and sprinkle ground pepper and chopped rosemary leaves**.. You can sprinkle some juice from the beef before roasting, to make sure it is not too dry. Roast for about 30-40minutes (depends on amount/size of the beef)

* Boil potatoes for 10minutes, and make sure it is not too soft, but not too hard!
Kalau lembut sangat, bila masuk oven nanti dia akan hangus la.. kalau keras sangat/malas nak boil dulu, potato nih susah nak masak.. Kalau konfius/tatau nak boil berapa lama, korg just timing jer 10 minit, gerenti ok!
** Rosemary leaves nih optional... kalau takde pon takpe.. kalau ada, lagi bagus, dia boleh bagi 'naik bau' dan ada rasa herbs skit2.. atau boleh gantikan dengan daun thyme jugakk.

4. While waiting for the roasting, you can start making the gravy/cream blackpepper sauce;

melt 2 tablespoon of butter on sauce pan.
then whisk in 2 tablespoon of flour, saute the flour until lightly browned.
remove the pan from the heat.
pour 2cups of milk gradually, make sure you whisk constantly.
return pan to heat.
whisk until the sauce is thick. then whisk in 2 tablespoon on whip cream, 1tablespoon of and some salt.
Keep warm until needed.

*tang wat sos nih susah skit...korg kena keep on mengacau/whisk.. kalau tak, hangus beb! nih resepi cream blackpepper sauce, English style. kalau takde whip cream pon takpe, tapi milk wajib ada.. kalau takde, tak rasa creamy la..

and... after a few minutes...

whoila! the great lunch is ready!!!!!!!

selamat mencoba!!
p/s: jangan lupa jemput kitorg makan skali kalau ada planning2 nak buat! hehehehe

*special thanks to hubby who did all the cooking, while I just documenting the process/ snapping photos.. :P

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