Monday, February 2, 2009

Birthday@ Hendon

Went to Hendon- Finchley Lane last Saturday.
For the so-called-"surprise birthday party" utk member hubby-yg-telah-dicancel-last minit..

Actually dah plan lama, dkt 2-3 minggu gak la kot..for the surprise party.. me ada gak duk tolong2 pikirkan plan yg seswai, saja2 nak nolong 'mastermind' ngan the wifey (which happens to be my friend).. the actual plan was to celebrate@ mangotree, and the wifey nak surprisekan the hubby dgn kehadiran member2 londoners kat restoran tuh...actuallynyer me quite excited gak, sbb lom ponah poie surprise besdey party utk budak tua (old boy) nih..

tp tu la kan.. kita hanya merancang, tp Allah yg menentukan..
the party was cancelled at the very last minute, sbb akilah was not feeling well...kesian gak, akilah lemah, mamai,nangis2 jer, lum penah nengok dia camtuh..sampai nak angkat kepala pun tak larat....

the mastermind aka the chef of the day..
with the periuk nak masak nasi minyak
~ sodap jugak nasik minyak chef ni masak!

we end up with a private besdey celebration@ their house..

he made a wish..
(a brother for akilah, maybe?? :P)

struggled to blow the candles..
(sebab the wifey beli candles yg kelip2 macam bunga api.. agak susah nak padam!hehe)

and one happy family...

happy birthday, ashraf! :D

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aritlia said...

what a cute cake.. miss the partay as well!!! siannya muka akilah...