Sunday, February 15, 2009


We were at home during the weekend,
and most of the time, we were very busy COOKING!!!!! and body-building? :P
~told ya, we love food! :p
So, these were the menus:

Friday, 13th February 2009


Char Kuey Teow kerang
~ using dried kuey teow and frozen kerang from Wing Yip.

Saturday, 14th February 2009


Ondeh-ondeh gula melaka.
~ bought glutinous rice flour from Wing Yip last week, gula melaka from Terengganu, sent to London via a cousin.. bought dessicated coconut and green colouring from ASDA. Mom in law's recipe.


Nasi minyak
~recipe from Mr Kamarul.. quite okay.. but not as nice as mr kam's, and think I need more practice.. and hubby should write down the recipe, not just by memorizing it!!!!~ hahaha org lelaki, kalau beri/amik resepi camni la, mesti ada bahan yg tertinggal.. :P

Kari daging
~ too lazy to go out and buy coconut milk (santan) and chicken/meat.. just use the leftover and nearly expired breakfast milk in the fridge.. and the 1-week old meat from the fridge jugakk! :D

Telur masin
~ very very nice telur masin, just like Malaysian's.. from Wing Yip as well.. :)

Sotong masak serai pedas..
~ bought the squids and lemongrass from Wing Yip, recipe from myresepi. not bad at all!

Too full to eat dinner, went to bed quite early...

Sunday 15th February 2009

Woke up early in the morning, just before Subuh.. hooked up with laptops/internet/pc games/ journals on soft lining, before I started cooking againnn!!!!!!! :D

had an early breakfast, since we didn't take any dinner the nite before..

Laksa Terengganu/Kelantan.
~laksa kuah lemak, my mom's recipe. this is one of my fave food!! couldn't find any dried laksa, so I used rice sticks and spaghetti. yummylicious!! maybe the best in London?? and definitely the best in Barking!!! hahaha :P

laksa, ulam-ulaman, belacan dan cili..

white gravy

= my favefood!! :D

its just 11am in the morning now..
and I have several cooking ideas for today's lunch/dinner..
~just wait for my next post! :))

1 comment:

naza said...

Ya Allah..rajinnya!!
sgt sedap nampak foods itue..
lain kali ajak la kami ni dtg makan..kami ni org yg rajin berjalan2..malas nk masak2 sgt esp during weekend..
last week nk buat buah melaka tp xde beras pulut.. :(
and laksa looked sooo delicious..blk msia nnt sure senang!!