Wednesday, February 4, 2009

A BIG three-zero in London

A big three-zero.
والثلاثين ,第三十二 , dertig , τριάντα, trente, สามสิบ

In frosty London.

What did we do?

1. Going out for lunch.
Not a good day to celebrate..
~ wet, slippery and icy cold weather. not to mention delayed tube services, and closed shops!!
Lunch was quite good.. but personally I prefer my 2008 birthday dinner more..

2. Went shopping (more of a window shopping..)
Not in shopping mood either!
Bought 3 tie rack scarves ~ now i have a total of 8 tie rack scarves in my collection. a 'bad' influence from the shopaholic naza :-p

Hubby bought a PS3 game - Guitar Hero : Legends of Rock, complete with the guitar.
He's been hooked up on it ever since we got home!

3. Went home in a crowded train.
Tube was delayed..and we spent nearly 2 hours just to get home!!

and the surprise??

1. I got this for my birthday!!!!! special thanks to hubby.. Dolce&Gabbana handbag!!! :))
time kasih daun keladi, len kali beli la lagi!!! hehehehe

2. and in March we're going to xxxxxxxxx (guess what.. :-) ) for a short holiday! Planned to go to Amsterdam, since hubby's ex-colleague is working there, but decided against it since tulip lom jd bunga lg hehehe.. later this year will be going to Paris & Spain with in-laws (n marissa as well! lucky her) - he's still working on the itinerary & arrangements for the trip. hehehe banyak berjalan this year, next year sure busy!

Thanks everyone - for the wonderful wishes. May Allah bless all of you.


aritlia said...

canteknya bag!! well done abang marwan! :D

Anonymous said...

MUST be cantek, considering the cantek price i had to pay!

bila nak dtg nih? kurang bahan bacaan la ni hehehehe

naza said...

ayoo..untungnye dapat d&g from hubby..good taste huh? btw tie rack tu pun cantek2..beli kt kedai mane?me pun nk menambah collection..hehe..btw enjoy ur three zero year..
nk jln mane tuh??we all xde plan pon..