Tuesday, May 24, 2011

When ramsay said "uga-uga"

Bak kata Ramsay, "uga-uga", which means agak-agak (during cooking). tru enuf, most of our recipes were based on instinct.. and to be the best chef, we have to learn from the aunties (and stay away from the chefs)! really enjoyed myself watching his programme lastnite, thanks to a friend, if not I'd sure miss it! hehehe :)

Ramsay went to Aunty Aini's as well!! waaa tersangatla drooling nak makan masak lemak cili padi aunty aini's! and yes, sometimes its very difficult to explain (to the Brits) that Malaysians are actually Indians, Chinese and Malays- some of them (my patients, nurses) could not even believe that we can stay and live together in one country under the same roof! :)

watching him, make me even proud to be malaysian, and miss malaysian food even more! :( 

not sure whether it has been aired in malaysia, but for those who havent watch it, check this: Gordon Ramsay great escape to malaysia.Sila sila tengok, mmg highly recommended!!

p/s: ye, sy mmg peminat ramsay. tetiba rasa nak g cari sign dia utk buku Southeast Asia great Escape nih.. :p any takers?


siti hasmah said...

The uploader has not made this video available in your country.
Sorry about that.
Aku try click kat link yg hg bg tu...ayat kat atas tu yg kluar....xdapek nak tgk...

Wan said...

semah, lupa nk ckp aku ltk tu utk org2 kat uk je. kenkawan kat mesia, kena tunggu kuar kat tv mesia la kot.. :)

farah said...

k wan nak ikut amik sign gordon...roger nnt boleh?....hehehe