Saturday, October 24, 2009

Budget Mesra Rakyat

Me and my endless wishlist.. and our yearly financial planning! Currently busy with my wishlist and our yearly financial planning.. and it seems to be like an endless list! hahaha but it'll be budget mesra rakyat, thats for sure..

1. buying household items, yg boleh digunakan utk rakyat mesia yg dtg bertandang ke umah nnti..
2. or to buy something which is not available in mesia-so that i can bring the technology back home nanti..

3. or perhaps something sturdy to help me in the kitchen, and makes me feel safe with?
4. and something which makes me happy to do the chores?

...and many many more practical items.. *wink*

told ya, no more bags this time, tp semua barang keperluan.. kan?kan?kan? *wink* Whatever it is, I can't really wait for the upcoming xmas sale! :P

p/s: I'm not a shopaholic, just a practical buyer,a good customer and a loyal wifey! :P


meanie mean said...

huyoooo!!!!! dah pk canner nak angkut bila blk nnt??? heran saye.. naper saya tak bercukupan nih????? nak shop mender2 pelik itew??

wan said...

hehehehe me so obsessed with gadgets nowadays! :P angkut balik sikit2 la, plan nak balik next year utk renew visa..selebihnya,kontena kan ada! :P jom la borong min!!balik nanti nyesal!hehehe

che'puan Idot said...

i like this post..
bajet mesra rakyat!hehehehehehe
sempena boxing day n xmas sale..
ada tangan kosong tak???
nak numpang??

wan said...

boxing/xmas nih ada jer tgn kosong. nak pesan?;) boleh jer.. :D