Tuesday, January 19, 2010


1. I'm down with flu, despite a few vaccination jabs taken last month! :(

2. My SV's son passed away last Sunday. He was found dead during sleep in his hostel. I presumed it was sudden death, giving a big blow to the department and my SV especially. Hopefully she will have the strength to carry on working and recover soon, emotionally.. :( now I solely rely on my second SV (who is really helpful, but super duper busy!) anyhow, I still need to think of other alternatives, in case she is not emotionally fit to work for the next few months/year!!!

3. I need to call and cancel one of my patient's appointment, due to some technical problems (which is definitely not my fault!), but not yet ready for her maki hamun! Had been scolded once, by that same patient and her son before... hehehe even now I still don't have the guts to call and cancel the appt! shall I just let she comes and do something else instead? maybe a simple alginate impression*, just to cover my back?? hahaha :P
*her appointment has nothing to do with alginate impressions. Her treatment is something related to dental implants*

Pray for me, ppl!


Nana said...

owh .. kesiannye!!

I hope you get well soon and your Sv recover from this. Theres nothing more worst than a parent loosing a child.

Take care dear.

Oh yes, the burberry I jual 300 quid. had to reduce the price because of the defect :(

shaz said...

Oh dear, good luck,
and kesiannya your SV...hope she'll be strong..:(

Anonymous said...

Ja, jangan lupa makan ubat agar cepat sembuh dan dapat belajar dengan baik.

che'puan Idot said...

alamak wan, i plak dah rasa gigil lutut bila dgr cerita patient yg garang tuh.
apakata, u buat karipap sedap, (any malaysia kuihmuih) kenkonon hadiah pada dia.
mana tau, dia lembut hati skit.
tekanan kan nak kerja dgn org yg memang penah ada 'drama' dgn kita.
ok, baca-baca sikit masa jumpa dia.

Wan said...

nana, shaz, mama:
thanks so much. I'm getting better now. maybe sebab weather ni, temperature duk turun naik jer skang ni.

memang gigil lutut gak nih.. tp no point belanja pt yg garang makan free, kan? baik bg pt yg baik2 je makan.. hehehe :P tp memang tekanan nak kerja ngan org yg ada drama ni, buat kerja pon semua tak menjadi..