Friday, January 8, 2010

Wintry mood

...this week's maximum temperature barely gets above 0 degrees celcius!!

I am on my sejuk beku mode:

1. hibernate in the house. or under the duvet to be precise.. :P

2. eat, eat and eat!! blame it on the cold weather, and our well stocked fridge and kitchen cabinet. and our small but cosy living hall cum kitchen. and the abundance of food blogs.

3. but luckily today i managed to finish up my power point presentation (after being given the topic for the last 3months.. haha well, malaysians are best at doing last-minute-job.. :P )

4. i'm on my final part of my winter hols. and yet still not ready to go to school next week!

5. it snowed again yesterday! the thickest so far for this season..

6. got problem with my lappy's battery! uwaa!! after doing some googling, just realized that we're eligible for new battery replacement. need to sort this out in KL later.

7. just found this online shoe shopping. and it is called SEPATU! it makes me wonder whether the owner is malay/indonesian/malay speaking britons? or maybe just to attract malay shoppers? :P

okie. enuff ramblings. time to enjoy the picchas! :P

tonite's dinner: seafood bolognese.
p/s: bukan nak berlagak, but i think my spaghetti is way better than pizza hut's! well, at least to my hubby ler.. hahahaha :P

our snowy backyard..

memalam buta lepas magrib turun ke park belakang umah..

sebab nak pekena snow ball fight trip!! haha
p/s: seketul benda putih kat seblah atas kiri gmbr nih ialah snow yg turun..

ngan snow man trip.. :P

owh.. btw kat belakang our apartment ada teater. siap ada kelas teater lagi. tiket pon murah2 jer.. tp so far lom terbukak pintu hati nak g tgk lagi.. hehehe
p/s: tak sabo nak tunggu our next theatre trip end of this month!! :P


zailamohamad said...

owh, cantiknya salji tu!! at first zaila ingatkan asap..hahahaaa

Anonymous said...

the owner is indeed a malaysian! :)
-ip xx

tint said... is proudly-owned by a Malaysian..c'mon uys, show ur support.Kalau nk beli bgtau wan..nk tumpang sekaki..soooo luv the suede pom-poms...muakakakaakakakka...


Wan said...

ip & tint:
nih musti bisnes budak tkc nih kan?? hahaha btw i luv the same shoes jugak, tint!!! jom beli sesama, nak??

Anonymous said...

Actually perkataan sepatu tu datangnya dari bahasa portugis = sapato. Sama juga utk almari, dlm b. portugis = Armários. :)