Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the Thirteenth.

Harinih hari Jumaat. Dah masuk ke mood malas dan takde mood nk wat segala2nya.. (eventhough memang selama2 duk naik yr 2 nih sokmo jer mood malas.. hehe) Need to revive my mood and energy back to normal. How lar?? I think I was better and more hardworking during my yr 1 master. *sigh*

Harini Friday the 13th* lak tuh.. Jap lagi need to go to Mile End, to start my lab work. My SV cam dah superstitious, since today will be my preliminary studies of my project! hahaha Last week siap reconfirm byk kali lak tu, whether I still want to start with the lab today! Dia lak cam dah cuak2 takut my project tak berjaya.. hehe Sebab actuallynya my SV menaruh harapan yg agak besar kat my project. kalo berjaya, its like berjaya jumpa sumthing that can change the prostho world! (ye ke nih?poyo jer.. hahaha)

ok, well, actually we are planning to change the plasticizer in tissue conditioner (some kind of dental materials yg digunakan utk dentures yg problematic/to heal inflamed mucosa in denture wearers) yg boleh menyebabkan cancer kepada another material (ciptaan my SV) yg lebih mesra alam dan tak carcinogenic. So my job is just to compare the properties of both materials. Kalo lebih kurang sama or if it is even better, boleh la melobi syarikat2 suh wat further research/bg fund utk QMUL utk further research lak pasal material ciptaan my SV tuh.. and hopefully boleh lar me tumpang tempek nama gak kot by that time.. hehehe :P

*Friday the 13th nih adalah hari badluck sedunia esp bg mat2 saleh ni lar... isk..isk, khurafat betul! kalau dah takde rezki, bukan Friday the 13th pon akan badluck jugak kan.. hehehe

I need a booster.
Retail therapy, perhaps? :P *wink*

Gambar hiasan. Boxing in Harrods Xmas 2008.

~later in the afternoon i'm planning to go out with colleagues to Harrods for tea (fine dining english tea). a nice place for a cup of tea in london (esp during xmas sale), i presumed?? hahaha :P *big evil laugh*


Abrahyn said...

im going to privatise my blog. email me if you still sudi menjadi my reader...thanks :D

zailamohamad said...

Hi kak, found your blog while browsing the web, mind to exchange link because i really admire person that stay in oversea..nak pergi jauh, dapat tengok gambar jadilah;)