Thursday, September 25, 2008



1. We've finally managed to book a fully furnished apartment in Barking. it is a nice and modern 1 bedroom apt, on the second floor situated just few minutes away from barking tube station- which will be convenient enough for me to travel to class, (barking nih sebenarnya dah masuk daerah Essex, tapi barking to whitechapel will only takes about 20minutes by tube, and both towns are on the same tube line!). the apt is just few blocks away from barking central- which will be convenient enough for us to shop for groceries (even there are a few halal meat stores available!).... and most importantly, the landlord has agreed to let it to us!*fuh* so, ni la lebih2 kurang bentuknya apt tuh.. (nanti bila dah masuk umah, kitorg upload gambar yg kitorg amik sdr!) yeay yeay dah dapat umah raya! hehehhe

2. I've officially changed my status from a dental surgeon cum trainee lecturer to a student..

ermm but...

as for the apartment, we have to pay 6weeks' rent as deposit, and up front payment of 5months! and not to forget, admin fees and reference fees for the agents!huhu

kat Canary Wharf, lepas bayar duit booking rumah.


meanie mean said...

goSHHhh..everything so PURRrrfect...yay..dah ada umah..takyah pon beli langsir br kan...very modern ehh...eventhough the bedroom seem small, but the lounge look nice..mmg sama ker dgn yg real??.. nak g..nak g..bleh??

dxoul lacruz said...

wahhhhhhhhhh..dasat tu..kire mcm studio apartmen ke?so per month how much?

BlisteringBarnacles said...

The ads said: I have a 1 double bedroom luxury apartment located 5 minutes walk from barking station which allows easy access to central london via underground, this apartment consists off:

WOW Luxury tuh! I really like the wood paneling!!

wan said...

meanie mean: eventhough its quite small, but it is posh and luxurious! dah tgk umah tuh, terus jatuh chenta pandangan pertama! takyah beli apa2pun,just beli pots&pans ngan bantal jer..blh, dtg jer make sure bwk bantal sdr!hahahahha

dxoul: bukan studio apt, tp 1 bedroom apt..per month dlm 780 pounds.kira cam average rate utk that area la..kalau duk dkt dgn campus, lagi mahal, dlm 1ribu++...tak mampu la..

blistering barnacles: dia punya interior mcm show house kondo cengal yg kita g tgk lak.. tuh yg aku berkenan tuh..hehehehe

maybe kitorg duk setahun jer, pasnih nak cari landed house lak- tu pun kalau hubby dapat kerja la..