Monday, September 29, 2008

First Monday. After registration.

Today is the first Monday after my registration.

Actually we were left in an uncertain state after last week's registration:
-NO timetebles/schedule of the course given.
-NO coursemates found, during the registration.
Except for the three of us : all are Malaysians
1. Dilla from UiTM- Ive known her during my time in KKM Wilayah
2. Kak Hikmah from UIA- my senior in UKM
3. and me. :) --> the 3 of us are doing the same course!
4. and some Bangladeshis doing other dental postgrad course
(they were very2 surprised when we told them that we are given full scholarships by the govt.and more than surprise when we told them that we also have a study leave with full paid salary!-most of them have to sell everything in order to pay for the tuition fees and might have to work part time to support their life here..tetiba terasa beruntung giler dapat jadi rakyat Mesia..Malaysia Boleh!! hehehe)

So, we were left in blurr state for the last few days.
The dean of postgrad studies asked us to be at Dental School at 9am today for further info.

So today, at 845am;
being good Malaysians with govt-scholar-have-to-study-hard spirit, we were already at the in front of the dental school building..dah terpacak kat depan ofis eventhough diorg pun lom masuk opis lagi..after waiting for about 30mins-without anyone bother to help/welcome us, then only the dept secretary came out and told us that:
"you are not suppose to be here today!the course coordinator will only be expecting you to come next Monday!"

bestnyerr!!!!! boleh beraya!hahahaha

punyala excited, jalankaki 30min pun tak rasa penat!!(nak save duit punya pasal,kalau naik bus mau nyer kena 1pound!sambil2 boleh gak exercise..) hehehe

so sampai jer kat bilik,hubby lak cakap :
"I've got good news! the house in Barking is finally ours, we can move in by 2nd of Oct!"

lagi la besttt!!!! dah ada rumah raya!!! eventhough hanya boleh masuk 1 day after raya,tp dah boleh diconsider as rumah raya!

alhamdulillah.rezeki orang yang nak beraya.

nak kuar beli groceries la.
rasa cam nak masak special lak for raya.
i am in raya mood.
selamat hari raya.


dxoul lacruz said...

wah..saya kat sini pun mood raya kurang..akak kat sana excited giler..

wan said...

hehehe sapa suruh rajin sangat kerja sampai tak cuti raya? tp takpe gaks, nanti atuk tambah sayang...mesti lagi byk buah tangan dia bagi! hahahaha

meanie mean said...

ahakss..buah tgn slalu ada kan.. kan.. urmm best nyer nak raya (best ker??).. hope we have great raya kan..

wan said...

ha ah la kan...kann..kan..

p/s: we all nak g shopping nih!hari ni hari raya. :D