Tuesday, September 30, 2008

eid..our version.

eid celebration, our version.
gloomy weather.gloomy celebration.
a very very simple eid.
only the two of us.

our raya dishes:

nasi tomato

kari ayam, masak ngan susu.

green beans goreng dengan daging (or daging goreng ngan green beans??)

and our raya cakes:

straight from the packet!made in tesco lagi...haha

pasni nak beraya at barclays to open a bank acc.
then in the afternoon, will go to hendon (tint and ash's house)
looking for malaysian food, hopefully..

p/s: to people out there, enjoy raya while you still can!
maaf zahir dan batin.
from both of us in london.

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semah said...

pandai jgk mu msk wan....