Monday, September 22, 2008

The House Hunting

The house hunting begins... endless of web surfing, endless of phone calls, stuck in our small room.. but to no avail (yet)! *sigh*
luckily its just the 2 of us, i am sure we can survive.. (bahaya gak kamikaze cam nih,esp to those yg ada babies.. huhu) some of the agents are quite strict, they need financial affidavit/guarantee, and some of them even refused to let to students!hello!eventhough we are foreigners, but we are on government sponsors!much better than DSS!we are much much better!!*sigh*

we have got a few appointments with the agents for house viewing for the next few days. so, wish us luck!

kalo tensen2 cari umah, musti jenguk kepala tgk view nih.tak lawa lansung!

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