Monday, September 22, 2008

Iftar at tint's&ash's.

I have had a great iftar/welcoming party for us yesterday at tint's and ashraf's ( and little chubby akilah) . ermm.... Of course, with the old boys & family - us, alia (ash's sister), leko, joker, faiz& family-(ida & playful handsome fuadi) n gabai&family-( wani and cute little haidar).. I made new friends at their house ( at last I 've got malaysian friends in london, who are not dentists!hehehe)..

tint lavished us with endless flow of malaysian food, with the main menu of ayam tandoori and nasi minyak. Even the boys had to help us in the kitchen!hahaha Ida (faiz's wife) even made kuih bingka ubi for the iftar! (uisk... nih kalau kat kl pun susah nak cari! kat terengganu org tua2 je yg tau buat!) Kudos to them all!

All in all, thanks guys for the welcoming party/iftar! Insya Allah we will invite u guys to our house soon! (maybe for house warming party & raya open house?)...

sorry, no photo available.still waiting for them to upload pic in facebook..

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