Friday, September 19, 2008

.......and my journey begins.........

I have had a very very busy and challenging week last week, emotionally and physically. So many significant things happened in my life during our last few days in Malaysia ;

1. I went to KB as my mother in law undergone total hysterectomy, 5 days before my flight to London.
2. I had a terrible experience during my flight from KB-KL. My flight was scheduled to be at 4.50pm but they cancelled the flight last minute,without informing us- at 7.00pm!I have to broke fast in the airport alone, at the only airport restaurant available- KFC! Had to queue for nearly 1 hour for the food!No apologies from the staff, but they only gave us a KFC coupon!No, not Airasia but on the so-called the best cabin crew in the world for the past consequent years!A few passengers even had verbal fight with the staff!So I cancelled my flight, went back to the hospital to visit my mother in law, went to in law's house at 1 am and only be back to KL the next morning.
3. I did all my packings last minutely, as I was back from KB 2 days prior to departure..
4. We had excess baggage of 12 kgs! Luckily the counter staff helped us (but we were nearly charged with RM1k for excess weight!!Thanks, Allah help us..)

tengah kalut repack barang, buang apa yg patut..takut kena caj RM1ribu++ punya pasal..

....and finally, at 1140pm 18th September 2008 I flew to London! And my journey to the foreign land to achieve my dreams begins...(ni mmg betol2 kamikaze nih, sbbnyer umah sewa pun takder lagi,taktau pun lagi plan nak duk area mana...hehehhe)

Alhamdulillah everything went smoothly..
1.The immigration didnt even bother to check our luggage, health clearance forms and x-rays!Rugi lak, kalau tau camnih,buleh bawak serunding etc..takde rezeki la nih...huhu
2. We had a cab waiting for us at the airport-thanks to Intan& Ashraf.
3. It was 8 degrees celcius that morning when we arrived.. tp aku ngan selambernya kuar ke parking lot dengan blouse nipis+jeans...dalam kalut2 tak sempat lak nak amik sweater!seb baik tak freezing..hehehehe
4.Even Harun- the landlord of our service apartment is a nice person. Yup, he is a Muslim. He even brought us to a transit small room to rest while waiting for the check-in time (which is at 2pm)..
kat transition room- muka tgh tensen tunggu waktu check in..

5. So far ramai giler Muslim kat area nih, kedai halal berlambak.Even ada masjid besar lagi + siap diorg pasang kaset mengaji kuat2 lagi mcm kat Teganu lak (even kat KL pun susah nak cari!)
6.and in the afternoon, the weather was sunny and slightly hot..(my husband even complaint of not having aircond in the room!)

...but I think I had a terrible jet lag- I slept throughout the whole evening yesterday- I slept at 500pm and only woke up at 1130pm just now..skang ni dah tak ngantuk... (skang nih dlm kul 12midnite, tp kat Mesia dlm kul 700 am-time aku slalu kuar p keja..)huhu....

so plan pasnih, esok pagi plan nak g house hunting dgn beli groceries.. nak settle down cepat2.tak larat dah nih, td pun makan nasik + brahims jer.tu pun seb baik bwk dr Mesia..huhuhu

apapun,nanti aku update + upload gambar...

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