Sunday, September 21, 2008

second day..

Haven't seen the'real' London yet! (not even the tubes!hehehe) no worries, as I still have 3 more years to recce london & UK. We were stucked in my small room, in front of our laptops doing house hunting! Made several calls to the agents, but to no avail! *sigh* hopefully by next week we can settle down!
small room.but nice warm bed.

Our beloved friends - tint and ash invited us to melur restaurant for iftar with the old boys, but we were in no mood to go out..just went around the nearby groceries store in the morning looking for halal food.luckily everything is within walking distance from our small apartment.

this is 'studio apt' in London!

As for today, we have another iftar invitation by tint to their house (of course, iftar with the old boys again!!!thay called themselves batch 95 chapter uk/eire!). It'll be our first outing to London and our first ride using the tubes..(jakun sioot!!) And as for now, we are busy surfing the internet for directions to their house! *sigh* we really need GPS phone! no GPS on hubby's iphone!i repeat, no GPS on iphone!!! (tak canggih mana la nampaknya...hehehhe)


Ahmad said...

omg. is that a house?? i thinkly i barely get myself into that huhu

wan said...

hehehe they called this as 'studio apt' in london!but still, we have to pay 240pounds for this room (rm1500)!memang buleh "berlaga" la..

Ahmad said... expensive lorr..