Friday, November 26, 2010

Its the thought that counts..

Tersangatla terharu dan terasa dihargai bila tetiba dapat surat chenta daripada patient..

 after months of hard work, it was very nice of him to write such a nice letter. This letter really made my day! yup, I'm easy to please! :P and most importantly, he also gave a nicely written letter to my professor! well at least, saham saya naikla sket kan!! hahahaha :D

and he also gave me these chinese wall decorations, bought from an antique shop.

 it's not the gift, but the thought that matters!

*this 78 year old patient was among the most difficult denture cases that i've ever treated. spent a few months trying to fix the super complicated class III occlusion due to severely resorbed mandible, and also struggling  to get the correct retention/stability of the dentures- due to prominent mentalis muscle and severely resorbed ridges.(and not to mention to meet the patient's expectations!!).. or in simple malay: tulang rahang telah kecut/flat serta otot dagu yg prominent menyebabkan sukar utk gigi palsu terletak stable di dalam mulut, serta sukar utk mendapatkan oklusi/susunan gigi yg ideal.but luckily everything turns out to be okay..*


kucingorengemok said...

i can imagine how that made your day... malangnya kerja akaun yang tak jumpa orang, takde siapa nak grateful macam ni, hihi

littlehumblelynn said...

as internal auditor...ramai yg x suka lagi adaler!!!

Anonymous said...

salam ja..tahniah..he must be a nice man as he took all the trouble to write to your prof...tu yg mahal tu..hehe..

zailamohamad said...

bravo dr wan;)

Wan said...

KoG and lynn:
ala.. org2 akaun/audit nih hari2 kira duit, cam best gak, eventho bukan kira duit sdr!hehe :)

mama & zaila:
yes he is a very nice man. thanks!!